Dude, it's a UFO!

Locals capture what they believe was a UFO on News Year's Eve.

More than 10 witnessed what they believe to be an unidentified flying object on New Year's Eve night. This video was sent to us. The detail is fuzzy, but the exclamations in the voices of people around sound, well, judge for yourself.

Neighbors were out celebrating the holiday, "Then all of a sudden someone says what is that!" said Mark Stone of McMinnville. "We all looked up and there was a large triangle of lights. We ran towards the craft which was hovering silently about 100 ft above a house. Probably twice the size of the house.As we approached the craft it slowly headed south and disappeared.

"It was an amazing experience," Stone said. 

It's not the first reported sighting in recent months. In November, a reader said about 10 people saw lights moving over Southwest Mobile Terrace. In August, Ryan Lundquist of McMinnville sent us this photo shot on the afternoon of July 15.

"On the way back from a road trip while getting gas, I wanted to take a unique hdr picture of the 76 gas station sign," Lundquist said. "Turns out it was very unique do to a ufo i found in my picture. Once I cropped this photograph I turned the color saturation up a bit and it almost looks like a shinny brown metallic color ufo with a powered jet on the bottom right"

Of course, if there were UFOs in the atmosphere, the location of America's second largest UFO festival and home of the most famous unsolves ufo pictures in history would be a reasonable place to be.

- NR Staff

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