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Interior Secretary Sally Jewell supports Oregon dam removal


KLAMATH FALLS — The U.S. Secretary of Interior supports the removal of four hydroelectric dams on Oregon's Klamath River.

The Herald & News reports that Secretary Sally Jewell endorsed the plan Monday in a letter sent to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission asking it to approve an application for dam demolition.

The dam would also be transferred from its current owner, PacifiCorp, to Klamath River Renewal Corporation, a consortium of federal, state and local officials. That would relieve PacifiCorp of all liability once the dams are decommissioned and removed.

The Klamath County ballot will still contain an up or down vote on whether the dams should be removed, but it is mostly symbolic. It could be used as an argument against the project if the vote is overwhelmingly against dam removal.


Information from: Herald and News,

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