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Man who films police sues over Portland protest arrest


PORTLAND — A federal lawsuit has been filed on behalf of a videographer who says he was wrongly arrested while videotaping officers during a protest in Portland last fall.

The suit alleges Portland police violated Robert West's First Amendment rights by throwing a flash bang grenade in his direction and falsely arresting him for disorderly conduct during a protest over the Ferguson police shooting.

The Oregonian reports that West was one of 10 people arrested at a downtown intersection, and prosecutors ultimately dismissed the allegation against West.

The suit says West spent two hours in custody and was then taken by ambulance to a hospital, where he was diagnosed with dizziness, dehydration and hypertension.

West seeks about $5,000 to cover medical expenses, and another $5,000 for pain and emotional suffering.



As lawsuits go, 10K is quite a bargain.

Don Dix

Placing one's self in a position of jeopardy displays a lack of basic education. Filing a lawsuit because one is foolishly involved in a protest? .... what can you say? I guess you really can't fix stupid!


Robert West had every right to be there.

Don Dix

Yes Lulu, Mr. West has the right to be wherever. And with that choice comes his responsibility for his actions and his location. If only 10 were arrested (West being one), he must have been very near ground zero. It would seem the police did not target Mr. West individually, but the group in which he was included. Maybe he should have remembered how many protests end ... if there was no expectation trouble might arise, that's on him, in my opinion.


Sure, Don, just stay home and not be involved. Then there would be no civil rights and the war in Vietnam continues. What a plan.

Don Dix

Lulu -- So, would it be accurate to assume you were there, concerned and involved, as your last post suggested? Shed some light on how this all really went down. What could be better than an actual eyewitness account of the police brutality on that day?


This is not North Korea.

Don Dix

Nor is it Eden. Clearly your involvement (in the protest) was zero, yet others doing the same (nothing) are criticized. A convenient set of personal principles from this perspective. Thanks for the insight!

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