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Court: Slightly slow drivers not required to change lane


PORTLAND — The Oregon Court of Appeals says motorists traveling just under the speed limit don't have to shift to the slow lane.

The court Thursday reversed the conviction of a man accused of drunk driving after a Multnomah County deputy stopped him for failure of a slow driver to drive on the right. The motorist, Rian Murphy, had been traveling 32 mph late at night in a 35-mph zone.

Murphy sought to suppress evidence collected after he was pulled over, arguing the deputy lacked probable cause for the stop.

The Appeals Court agreed, saying 32 mph was not too slow for the left lane. The opinion notes that Murphy was only four mph away from speeding, and says the Department of Motor Vehicles advises motorists to reduce speed at night.



Priceless. While other states move to increase the efficiency of motorways, Oregon slows things down.

If things get any slower, we'll need to change the names of our freeways to either "sloways" or "noways." I'm going to write a book titled Panic at 40 Miles an Hour.


Excess speed kills excessively.


Jesus rode a donkey--the slower pace enabled him to reach out to more people.


Now I have a great visual of a plodding donkey being followed very closely by a group of impatient Roman cavalry.

john fritter

I wonder if Jesus rode a donkey because there were no autos or because he wanted a more efficient way of traveling than walking?


We have a tremendous amount of feeble people driving who desperately need retesting.


I'd follow them to the DMV but I don't have the hour that 5-minute drive would require.

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