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Sen. Wyden backs Iran nuclear deal

News-Register file photo##U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon chats with Yamhill-Carlton High School student Luke Sauers during an October 2014 visit to the school.
News-Register file photo##U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon chats with Yamhill-Carlton High School student Luke Sauers during an October 2014 visit to the school.

Oregon Senator Ron Wyden has announced he’ll support the nuclear agreement between the United States and Iran.

In a statement issued today, the Democratic senator says he feels the agreement falls short of his ideal. But he also says he decided the alternatives were more dangerous.

“At home in Oregon I’ve made it a practice to attend as many of the demobilizations for servicemembers coming home as I can. Many Oregon Guard members are returning from their second, third, or fourth tour of duty. I felt I owed it to them to use the time available to really dig into this agreement,” Wyden said.

Senate Democrats have clinched enough votes to block a disapproval resolution against the Iran nuclear deal in the Senate. That could spell a major victory for President Obama.

Three undecided senators announced their support for the deal in quick succession — bringing supporters to 41 votes. That’s enough to bottle up the disapproval resolution with a filibuster later this week.

Supporters were cautiously optimistic the votes would allow them to block the disapproval resolution from passing in the Senate. They weren’t declaring victory because opponents of the deal are pushing for senators to allow a final vote on the disapproval resolution, leading to uncertainty about the outcome under the Senate’s complicated procedures.

The fast-paced developments came on the first day lawmakers were returning to Washington from their summer recess. The divisive deal to curb Iran’s nuclear ambitions in exchange for sanctions relief tops the agenda.


Bob Z

Glad to see Wyden has joined Merkley in embracing diplomacy. I hope Rep. Bonamici also sees the light.


A deal with the devil.


Lulu-- I think it's likely that they feel the same way about us. You might look back at the history of the US involvement in Iran...


I see world war III coming with Iran,Russia and China attacking us on our soil and all 3 fighting each other over who becomes the next world power!


nice fantasy you got there.....Iran attacking us on our soil? I think that would be a little more than they could handle...the next world power, after attacking the US, won't have much to work with...


I am with Lulu on this one.

This agreement reminds me of the failed acts of appeasement in Munich, by way of acquiescence made by the United Kingdom, France and Italy, in the 1938 'agreement' with Adolf Hitler and his German Third Reich.

President Obama has not entered the United States of America into a treaty with Iran, a country that not only openly professes it's hatred of us, but 'Death to America', the great Satan as well.

As with Adolf Hitler and his Third Reich, so goes Iran's stated goal, to wipe clean from the face of our planet, all that proclaim themselves as Jewish people.

Don't 'Jewish Lives Matter', too? The answer to that question was apparently no, as far as the Nazi's were concerned, and they most definitely do not, as far as president Obama and the Ayatollah of Iran are concerned.


What could possibly go wrong?

Don Dix

Nothing new here ... Ds vote yea, Rs vote nay. This troubling agreement will be settled upon the partisan divide, completely ignoring which path is best for the US.

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