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Candidate Sanders draws large crowd in Portland


PORTLAND — Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders spoke to his second packed crowd in the Pacific Northwest as supporters filled Portland's Moda Center to hear the Vermont senator talk about income inequality and other issues.

About 19,000 people cheered Sanders on Sunday. The rally had originally been scheduled at Veterans Memorial Coliseum, which has a capacity of about 12,000, but was moved to the Moda Center in anticipation of large crowds.

On Saturday, Sanders spoke to a packed audience at the University of Washington campus, but earlier in the day in Seattle Sanders was shoved aside by Black Lives Matter activists who called for changes to the criminal justice system. Sanders eventually left the Saturday afternoon event at Seattle's Westlake Park without giving his speech.


Horse with no name

Come on News Register, don't just grab an AP piece to report on what happens in our own state with a Presidential candidate drawing the biggest crowds of any candidate of any party. At least check with the Oregonian, no bastion of liberal ideology, but Jeff Mapes got some facts:
The crowd packed the basketball arena — with a capacity of up to 19,000 — as thousands more couldn't get inside and listened in on loudspeakers. A Moda Center official, Michael Lewellen, estimated the crowd at the free event totaled 28,000.


I'd thought the AP piece to be all the attention Sanders deserved. He will never be elected president, neither will Trump or Biden

Old Iron Pants will in all probability win the (D)nomination.

Gotta wonder how much carbon dioxide was released into the atmosphere by those 28,000 mouth breathing lemmings, eh.


Your criticism is entirely misplaced. We have been covering the same turf, our home circulation area in Yamhill County, since 1866. We have never covered events in Portland or other distant points unless they directly and centrally involved a person or group from Yamhill County — the Linfield football team, for example.
If Sanders comes to Lafayette, we'll cover him. Ditto with Obama, the Bushes and the Clintons. They have all appeared in Portland without a mention from us, and that is not going to change.
We cover Yammhill County, period. We leave the rest of the world to others.
Steve Bagwell, Managing Editor


miketubbs1 says, "I'd thought the AP piece to be all the attention Sanders deserved. He will never be elected president, neither will Trump or Biden."

Well, let's just move right to the coronation shall we? How about we just dispense with all that silly "democracy" stuff. It annoys the oligarchs that run this country and we wouldn't want to rile up those that are buying this government now would we miketubbs1?


sbagwell - Thanks for posting the article about what is happening with Bernie Sanders. You have done more than many of the main-stream media outlets nationwide who choose to sweep his popularity and growing movement under the rug. I believe you even posted it on the NR's opening page of this website.


It is estimated that there were 19,000 people inside the Moda and another 9,000 outside for an approximate total of 28,000. This is more than any other candidate for president in 2016. Sanders is even pulling in big numbers in the red-states and elsewhere in the country.

Horse with no name

sbagwell, that viewpoint explains a lot. If you only keep your head in the sand of Yamhill County and ignore the rest of the world it keeps life simple. Let's not go thinking too much at once, then people might start asking questions and wow that could get our of hand. Just listen to the News Register and we'll tell you whats right and wrong or not tell you anything if we don't like it. Some journalism.


Are you referring to oligarchs such as George Soros, Mudstump?


miketubbs1 - yes Soros too. Does your candidate have a billionaire yet?


We are a twice-weekly with limited resources, and we are based in McMinnville, Oregon. If we made it our mission to cover the entire state, let alone the entire nation or world, we would barely scratch the surface of any of it.
We are uniquely positioned to provide breadth and depth of coverage here in Yamhill County. And unlike the state, nation and world, precious little regular attention is paid to Yamhill County by any other media, just very occasional hit and run stuff.
We think we are making the best use of our resources to cover city government, county government, the schools, the business community and other entities right here at home, leaving the rest of the world to larger media entitites like The Oregongian, Associated Press, CNN, The Washington Post, the New York Times, Reuters, and so forth.
There are myriad sources of state, national and international news. But we are the only comprehensive source of news in McMinnville and one of only two in Yamhill County, the other being the Newberg Graphic.
We do what we do best and make no apologies for it. It would be a fool's errand for us to spread out small staff out among national stories already being covered by tens of thousands of other print, broadcast and web outlets.
If you want a story on Sanders' appearance in Portland, you can find a slew of them. But if you want a story on the most recent Yamhill County Board of Commissioners meeting, you will only find one — ours.

Horse with no name

"We are uniquely positioned to provide breadth and depth of coverage here in Yamhill County". I like the breadth and depth part. You send a food reporter that conveniently doesn't make it to the start of the BOC meetings, so she doesn't have to report what you don't want reported. More than two people show up and complain about the religious activity at the start of every Thursday meeting. Is that because of all the church advertising or the reporter is too busy getting pie recipe's?


In fairness to the BOC coverage, and when the reporter shows up, I think she has the right to wait until the religious ceremony is over befote coming in. In fact, I think the BOC should let everyone be able to make the choice instead of gorcing people to participate.
I am glad the NR is even showing up to these meetings. The only time they actually seem to show at city meetings, outside of McMinnville, is when the topic will be contentious, and sometimes not even then.
Resources are spread thin. I also think the NR is still trying to figure out their new dynamic in this changing environment of media.
As far as reporting on Sanders, I think most go to twitter to hear it from people with boots on the ground. More and more people get their info that way. It seems to be more more current and lots of different observations.

Sal Peralta

These criticisms of the paper are not well-justified. The News-Register spends a tremendous amount of time and resources covering local and county government, and behind the scenes has to fight a lot of small battles, particularly with the county, to get records released in a timely and transparent fashion. The newspaper does not have the resources to cover presidential politics in Portland and interested supporters of Mr Sanders should be appreciative of the fact that the editorial staff chose to dedicate a portion of its limited amount of space to cover Sanders' appearance in Oregon, despite the supposed "media blackout" of the Sanders campaign.


"These criticisms are not well-justified." Sal Peralta

I agree with Both Steve and Sal. In an age where we now have Internet access, the News-Register provides us with local information we would not so otherwise easily come by.

Horse with no name, I subscribe to this paper not only to read the N-R's coverage of local/county news, as well as the personal stories of others, but for the occasional recipe or two that would not otherwise catch my eye.

The News-Register's paying advertisers (and yes, there are a number of churches) do so to make their presence known to the communities in which they serve.

Perhaps the N-R's advertising department might even entertain the idea (for a nominal fee of course) of printing up a half-page rant for you.

My suggestion to you would be, to trot on down to 3rd street on the back of a 'braying jackass' and ask Jeb to set you up with a brothers deal.

Mudstump, as to my presidential candidate, if I in fact had one, would be Ms.Fiorina.


Sal Peralta, I appreciate and agree with your take on the issue. I was surprised to read the snarky and (in my opinion) unfounded criticism posted on this thread. I do not always agree with what is published in the N/R but I value and welcome their contribution to information about our small and otherwise under-served county. (It seems that we need a murder or a scandal to earn space in larger media outlets.) This website is the first click in my search for news of the day. While I am interested in news of the world beyond us, I feel most immediately affected by events in my own backyard. The N/R provides me with this and I am grateful. I have subscribed to this fine, award-winning newspaper for more than two decades, and will continue to do so as long as I remain in residence here.

For the record, I welcome the decision to include the article on Bernie Sanders. He made big news in our neighboring county. Your focus is local – rightly so - but we do not live in a vacuum. Thanks News~Register!


I am impressed with the News Register. I especially appreciated the February 27, 2015, investigative article, Springer keeps close ties with trash company by Don Iler. I thought it was a professional investigative piece that informed readers and county residents alike.


Just got off the phone with my cousin Leo Farris, back in Emmetsburg, Iowa. We talked about everyone that we'd had loved.

I'd informed him tonight that I was going down to California to visit my mother for the last time. We talked about the first time we'd met. It had been on my birthday back in 1958, and he'd gave me a one dollar bill on my birthday.

Sometime in the 1990's I'd mentioned that birthday gift from Leo, to my mother.

And she replied " you have no idea how hard he'd worked for it."

At a penny a bushel, for dry hand shucked corn kernels', I can only imagine.


A point of note: ads featured in the News Register church listing pages are free, I believe. The ad space is sponsored by a local community-minded business. Unless Horse is referring to special ad groupings preceding church holidays or the occasional church event advertised in the main pages, it seems to me the newspaper has very little advertising space occupied by paying churches.

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