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Two charged in dental practice fraud/theft case

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Sounds like a few of these charges are a little thin...."unauthorized vacation time"...are you kidding?
Sounds more like policy & oversight issues with the Dental office. "fraudulently using business checks/credit cards" did they enrich themselves or does the owner just not like what they bought? I would think the charge would be embezzelment if they took money for themselves....


They are each facing four counts of first-degree theft, which is a felony.
It's not theft if you buy the wrong brand of rubber bands. It's theft if you steal money from your employer and put it to your own personal use.
Paying yourself for hours you never worked or vacation time you never earned certainly sounds like stealing to me.


I know Linda Hixion, personally, and I find this IMPOSSIBLE to believe. She is a moral, very moral, woman, wife and an outstanding Mother. Perhaps we should ASSUME that these two are innocent.


Steve...If that's what happened I would agree....but I also understand that there can be a lot of give and take in the timekeeping process of small businesses. Did the office allow workers to mark time to avoid paying O/T on longer shifts? It's not an accepted practice but it happens quite frequently.Were the employees allowed to work from home?..Without situational details, there can be a lot of valid explanations for timekeeping discrepencies. I'll withhold judgement until the case is presented.....


I know Linda Hixon to be a woman of integrity and I am SURE there is a lot more to this story. She is too good of a woman to be involved in anything like this. She is a wonderful wife, friend, and an EXCEPTIONAL Mother. Those who know her know she is innocent of these charges. Hold your head up high Linda, we know what kind of person you are and are proud to call your our friend.


I sure hope they get to the bottom of this and hold the right people accountable for any wrong doing. The information as reported seems a little unbelievable. If in fact these ladies committed crimes they should be held accountable. BUT if in fact they did not and this is a matter of someone making false charges for nefarious reasons, I really hope those making the charges are held accountable to the highest degree possible (criminally and civilly).


"...[t]he information as reported seems a little unbelievable..."

What's unbelievable about the information, as reported? Is it the eight felonies between them? The thousands of dollars? The search warrants?

Seems pretty straightforward to me. The story is well-written and concise, almost to the point of minimalism. Do you think the newspaper embellished the charges? Or maybe the police just made them up entirely? Or is it that middle-aged, middle-class white women don't commit crimes?

Sorry, I take issue with ill-thought-out statements of indignance. The women may or may not be guilty but the story, as reported, is entirely believable.


The story is believable as written, but is only one side of the story.....We should keep in mind that these are "charges" and yet to be proven as facts....It's common to see felony charges reduced or eliminated based on the merits of the case.....

Kim Faden McClendon

As an update, not only were the criminal charges against these women dropped, but in a later civil lawsuit a jury found that Dr. Nelson and Advanced Smile Design maliciously initiated these criminal proceedings against Ms. Hixson and Ms. McMullen. The jury awarded a total of $838,596 in damages against Dr. Nelson and Advanced Smile Design because of the indignities and distress they caused to Ms. Hixson and Ms. McMullen by providing false and misleading information to the police and the district attorney. Requests have been made to remove these mug shots (and this article) from the internet because a jury has found that no probable cause existed to arrest these women. These women are innocent and decent people who were falsely accused. Unfortunately, these false accusations live on on the internet and can forever affect their lives if, for example, a prospective employer were to find this article but no follow-up article to clearly explain how these women were fully vindicated.

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