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Oregon Senate backs self-service gas bill


SALEM — The Oregon Senate has signed off on a plan to allow self-service gas pumping — but only in rural areas and only at night.

Oregon and New Jersey are the only states that don't let drivers fill up their tanks by themselves.

The bill approved Tuesday would allow self-service pumping between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. in counties with fewer than 40,000 people. That covers a wide swatch of the state including almost all of eastern Oregon.

The bill's proponents say gas stations in sparsely populated areas can't afford to stay open all night, making it difficult for motorists to fuel up.

The Senate approved in a 25-5 vote. The bill returns to the House, which passed it unanimously but must sign off on Senate changes.



haters gotta hate

controllers gotta control


We should all be able to pump our own gasoline if we choose to do so at any time of day in whichever county we find ourselves. Adding time and location restrictions is just another manner of government needlessly clinching to power.

Jim Weidner should be advocating for Yamhill County on this issue.

Don Dix

Residents and travelers in 18 counties will have the right to self-service gas .... 18 will not! Seriously? Sanity (and Elvis) has left the building!

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