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Governor signs bill expanding Oregon gun background checks

SALEM - Oregon Gov. Kate Brown signed a bill Monday requiring background checks on firearm transfers between private parties, making Oregon the eighth state to require screening on nearly all gun sales.

The law, which takes effect immediately, requires gun buyers and sellers who aren't related to visit a licensed gun dealer who can run a background check.

“We have an obligation to protect Oregonians from gun violence,” said Brown, a Democrat. “If we want to keep our kids, schools and communities safe we must make it harder for dangerous people to get guns.”

Republicans vehemently opposed the measure. They say it will only burden gun owners who are committed to following the law without changing the behavior of people willing to break it.

“The good intentions behind Senate Bill 941 do not change the fact that it is a deeply flawed and unenforceable piece of legislation that targets responsible, law-abiding Oregonians,” said Rep. Mike McLane, the top Republican in the House.

Brown's signature caps a long campaign by Oregon Democrats seeking stronger gun laws, which intensified following a 2012 shooting at a suburban shopping mall packed with Christmas shoppers. The bill's critics point out that the rifle used in that shooting was stolen. A 22-year-old gunman killed three people and injured a third before turning the gun on himself.

Backed by national gun-control groups, Democrats pushed for background check legislation in 2013 and 2014 but didn't have enough votes. The path to victory was paved when Democratic candidates picked up three legislative seats in the 2014 election, some of them with the help of gun-control groups such as former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's Everytown for Gun Safety.

Three Democratic lawmakers are facing recall petitions that cite their support for expanded background checks, among other grievances, though the recall backers must collect thousands of signatures in a short time.



Too bad they had time to pass this but also voted down any help for mental illness and money for enforcement of existing laws. Now there will be less law enforcement time spent on crime while the OSP verifies your background.

Criminals do not obey the law


Add Prozanski to the recall list,more to follow


The campaign also intensified after Bloomberg threw a fortune at it. It must be nice to be able to buy a state legislature.

Don Dix

'.....buying a state legislature'? That's been happening in Oregon for over 30 years .... Ever heard of OEA, SEIU, etc.? The state Demos have!


By the way, if anyone out there (including the editorial staff of this newspaper) thinks this wasn't a registration bill, look at its companion bill, SB 315, coming up right now.


Chuck Riley also stated it would not be enforceable with out registration. after all it worked for all the past dictators.


Don, there is no question that Bloomberg's money to the Riley v Star race made it the most expensive Senate race in the history or Oregon. It has been accepted and bragged about that Riley would have never won without that $75K from Bloomberg. There are also claims that Gelser ousted Close because of the extra financial assist from Bloomberg. I fully agree with your assertions about the groups you put forth, however in these two specific races and possibly a couple of others Bloomberg money did make the difference.

Rotwang, SB 315 has nothing at all to do with a registration. That ship has sailed. See 166.427. The only thing 315 does is allows a dealer to handle electronically what the dealer currently has to do on paper. The registration bill will come later to close the "loop hole" that 941 created when it was passed to close a "loop hole".

To those that think 941 is going to curb crime I have to ask Multnomah County and Portland, How's it going with those "Gun Safety" bills you passed in 2013?


The left does not give a dang about effective legislation as proven buy their record. They are only "performing" for those that pay them. It's ALL about election donations.

Sal Peralta

The $75,000 from Bloomberg definitely tipped the scales in the Chuck Riley race, but Sara Gelser was always going to stomp Betsy Close. The district has an overwhelming Democratic edge, despite previously being held by a Republican. I helped Frank Morse (the Republican who had previously held the seat) with his last re-election campaign. The only reason he kept winning in that district was because his company built Albany and because he was eminently fair-minded to women, minorities and gays on social issues, despite himself being rather socially conservative.

I am skeptical about the recall efforts since all of the candidates being targeted specifically campaigned on doing exactly what they are doing. This is very different than what was attempted in Colorado, where a Republican leader and conservative Democrats sided with the Democratic majority on gun control legislation but had never campaigned on that issue and actually reversed their previous pro-gun stances. Among the people being targeted for a recall, the only person who may have reversed a previous pro gun position is Val Hoyle who had sought an NRA endorsement. It will be interesting to see what happens. I would expect to see national money coming in from the NRA during the next election cycle regardless of what happens with these recall efforts. Since we have no limits on campaign contributions, things could get really interesting if Bloomberg and the NRA get into a slug fest in some of the swing districts.


Sal, while it is true that the recall "candidates" did not change their campaign platform, the devil is in the details. No one should vote for ineffective, unenforceable laws that only create a burden on law abiding fire arm owners. No criminal will be stoppe d by another law.
No exemption for Concealed handgun licensed owners that have EXCEEDED the now required BGC by additional requirements of a photo, fingerprints and training.
No exemption foe Federal licensed Curio and replicas FFL
In spite of opposition by the majority of Law enforcement officials in Oregon, County commissioners through out the state and 85%+ of the citizens testifying before the legislature.
Registering of S/N and owners name
When there is no penalty for the attempted buyer but only for the seller, that is proof it was meant solely to be an infringement of the 2nd amendment And you can phone the state police for a BGC without paying a dealer ONLY if you are at a gun show. That is not common sense.

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