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Portland mayor suspends city-funded travel to Indiana

PORTLAND - Mayor Charlie Hales says Portland's government is joining the reaction against an Indiana law aimed at preventing government from compelling people to do things they object to, such as catering gay weddings.

The law has been widely criticized as allowing discrimination against gays.

Hales said Monday he's suspended city-funded travel to Indiana. He called on business and civic leaders to do the same.

Spokesman Dana Haynes says Portland employees do occasionally travel to Indiana — the planning and development department leaders went recently for a forum. But he says travel is scheduled department by department, and it's not yet known if any trips were in the works.

Oregon regulators are considering sanctions against two bakers who refused to provide a wedding cake to a same-sex couple.



What about the other 20 states that have the same or similar laws!


No state has a religious freedom law quite like Indiana's. For an in-depth analysis, visit


Don Dix

So, I'm guessing the Portland-funded bike trail across the US will be detouring Indiana?

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