Letters to the Editor - Feb. 27, 2015

We all are the ‘militia’

Clearly, Tony Hartford (News-Register Readers’ Forum, Feb. 20) doesn’t understand the function and responsibilities of the Yamhill County commissioners any more than he understands the concept of a “well-regulated militia.”

To answer his rhetorical question: Yes, the gallery was full of militia — regardless of whether they were from Yamhill County. They were not there to vote, only to testify for or against the resolution.

Only the three commissioners have a vote, so it is totally inane to presume that they were attempting to “rig the vote” simply by allowing interested individuals to state their positions.

Finally, the letter to the editor indicated no concept of the difference between a soldier in a government army and the “militia,” of which we are all members.

Rather than wondering why voters keep electing people who have no qualifications or interest in governing, perhaps the real question is, why are those who have no understanding of the limits and responsibilities of government allowed to determine who will govern us?

David Terry



Those nutty commissioners

I’ve been following with great interest the foibles of two members of our current county commission. What with their hearings on gun rights and channeling grant money from a group clearly with business before the commission (you know, the landfill), they do not appear to me to be acting in the nonpartisan role that I, for one, expect them to.

Their own biases should not be dictating their positions, but rather the wishes of their constituents. As a long-term resident who loves this town, I am at a loss to understand their obvious lack of any attempt to gather a balanced examination of these two topics, in particular.

Some of their actions while running public meetings leave much to be desired. I am appreciative that there are some in our community who do speak out. Thank you, former sheriffs Lee Vasquez and Jack Crabtree, for your recent observations (News-Register Readers’ Forum, Feb. 20).

John Sullivan



Kitzhaber is voters’ fault

With the resignation of John Kitzhaber as Oregon governor, many seem to be looking to place blame. He blames the media and his political allies. Some blame his fiancée. Others blame the man himself.

I place blame fully on those who voted for him in the first place. Had the majority not been so ignorant of or blind to the facts of his previous failed attempts to govern Oregon well, then this entire shameful chapter in the state’s history would have been avoided. Who could have voted for him after all his missteps and shortcomings: from the Cover Oregon website fiasco to the Columbia River bridge boondoggle, from his refusal to uphold the Oregon Constitution in preventing the execution of criminals deemed by a jury to deserve death, to his extremist environmental ideology, from the higher taxes to the lower average wages ...

This list could go on, but why waste the ink? Even ignoring his past failures, news of the possibly criminal, clearly and obviously unethical, financial dealings broke well before the election, so not one single person who voted for him has any excuse.

Plain and simple, it was not John Kitzhaber who let us down, but “we the people” who failed ourselves.

Dale Lux



Sheriff is his own man

We appreciated the Feb. 6 editorial (News-Register Viewpoints section) indicating Sheriff Tim Svenson is “off to a good start.” Indeed he is.

However, while I am sure he is familiar with the history you recounted concerning Sheriff Hand, I can promise you that history is not why he is acting as he is. Svenson is acting as he is because that is who he is.

While the campaign was raging, we (some of those supporting him) had some serious problems with signage at the north end of Yamhill. About the third time the problem arose, we met there with the owner of the land who had given us permission to put the signage where we did and, at the owner’s direction, put the signage back into an even more secure and better seen location.

We all were upset that someone was molesting our signs. In that moment of turmoil, I challenged Tim on how he would handle office promotions if he won. His answer left no doubt they would be handled as they are being handled today. I was lifted up that someone, so offended, could keep his balance at such a moment.

While not perfect, we have a wonderful man serving as sheriff, for which I am thankful. These are difficult times, and I am grateful our Yamhill County chief law enforcement officer transfers and promotes his deserving competitors.

Good for you, Sheriff Svenson! Please keep watching out for us all. I know you will.

David C. Blanchard




It seems "Those nutty commissioners" share the company of 18+ (so far) other Oregon counties expressing a stand supporting the 2nd amendment and gun owners rights.

How radical of them. They are reflecting the values of the majority of Oregon voters.


A majority of Oregon counties doesn't even come remotely close to equaling a majority of Oregon voters. There are more voters in just the four counties of Multnomah, Washington, Lane and Benton, all well known for their liberal leanings, than in the entire 18 counties you cite.


Wasn't trying to count votes between liberals and conservatives. Just pointing out that the council acted in a manner consistent with the political atmosphere of each individual county. They did nothing radical. Now the number is 20=+ counties that have passed the resolution.

Kitzhaber being elected so many times is proof positive who controls the election outcomes in this state

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