NewsRegister.com gets new look today

It's hard to believe, but the News-Register has been online for nearly 20 years now.

About every five years, we have overhauled our site to keep up with the times. We have redesigned it to make your local news and information easier to find and faster to use. And it’s time for another facelift.

Beginning this morning, our site will be offline for a few hours. We’ll try to keep the disruption as brief as possible.

Early warning: Even after the new site goes online, we’ll be searching for bugs and fixing problems. Based on experience, we’re not expecting instant perfection.

We’re excited about this upgrade.

As Publisher Jeb Bladine says in his most recent WhatchamaColumn, nearly 40% of our online audience use tablets or phones to access the content we post at NewsRegister.com. So it’s vital that we deliver our news and information in a way that responds well to whatever device you use.

But these changes may come as a shock for some of you.

We realize you’ve grown accustomed to finding your favorite links and features in a specific place. That place may well change, making the transition potentially awkward at first. But we’re confident you’ll quickly figure out how to find what you want to read.

To make the transition easier, we will be posting an FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions list on our home page. We hope that will help you find your way around the site.

We also invite you to send us additional questions. We’ll respond quickly, then share that information with others through our FAQ posting.

We look forward to this new era. And we thank you, our online readers, for your patience and support during the transition.

- Dan Shryock
News-Register Digital Media 

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