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Oregonian editorial board calls for governor's resignation

PORTLAND — The editorial board of Oregon's largest newspaper is calling on Gov. John Kitzhaber to resign following ethical questions about his fiancée.

The Oregonian wrote Wednesday that “Kitzhaber has broken faith with Oregonians” and can no longer effectively lead the state.

In a statement responding to the editorial, Kitzhaber said he was elected to serve the citizens of Oregon and he intends to continue to do so.

The Democratic governor is under fire over paid consulting work done by his fiancée, Cylvia Hayes, on behalf of organizations seeking to influence state policy. He's deflected questions, saying a state ethics commission is investigating.

In a news conference last week, Kitzhaber also refused to answer questions about whether Hayes failed to report income on her taxes.


David Bates

They wrote it ... where? I have today's Oregonian in front of me, and it's not there. Maybe they put it online today and they're saving it for ... Sunday, maybe?


Thursday's Oregonian is not home-delivered in a printed format. It is only available on the street. Subscribers get their Thursday edition online, and it featured the resignation editorial. It is, of course, also posted online at Could you perhaps have been looking at Wednesday's, which is home-delivered?

Silver Fox

Where were they during the election? Taking a back seat to the Willamette Week. The once great Oregonian has become a sad story itself. With no Capital reporter and dependent on press releases, it is no wonder they are three months behind the times.

Don Dix

Actually, Willamette Week also endorsed Kitz. They were, however, the first to question the ethics of Mahonia Hall residents ( Kitz and the "live-in tramp" ).

This is just another extension of the infamous 'Goldschmidt Mafia' that has been sucking Oregon dry for 3 decades. Under those auspices, even raping a child passes muster, so this topic hardly moves the needle ( to those who only vote for the 'D' on the ballot ).

The aforementioned "ethics commission" that may investigate the actions ( for the state ) is appointed by the governor. In other words, 'Nothing to see here. Move along". Complicity breeds complicity!

Don Dix

As required, the Oregon AG office may investigate/prosecute either or both of the residents of Mahonia. On the surface, one might say, so what?

Here's the rub! Oregon's AG, Ellen Rosenblum, is married to Richard Meeker. Mr. Meeker is co-owner and publisher of ....You guessed it ....Willamette Week!

Under these circumstances, the over/under line just gets much more complicated! Stay tuned!

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