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Police: Stolen laptop gives away burglar's location

EUGENE — Police in Eugene, Oregon, say a stolen laptop computer gave away a burglar's location as he was about to make a getaway.

The Register-Guard reports that while Eugene officers were interviewing one burglary victim early Saturday morning, neighbors reported their apartment had been burglarized too. Police say a laptop had been stolen from the second apartment and the owner was able to identify its location by “pinging” it - or checking its whereabouts via another computer device.

Police tracked the “ping” to an address and interviewed several residents but were unable to find the laptop. They were about to give up when a car pulled out of a nearby driveway and was stopped by police. They say a passenger in the car had the laptop in his backpack. They also recovered other stolen items.

Police say 44-year-old Marc Christopher Bryant was arrested for investigation of burglary and theft.


Information from: The Register-Guard

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