Medford police shoot, kill man brandishing shotgun

MEDFORD — Police say an hour and a half before officers shot and killed a man who fired a shotgun at another officer on a Medford street, police had been called to his home over a disturbance.

Stephen Andrew McMilon was shot by two Medford police officers late Sunday afternoon on a street on the western outskirts of the city, police said. He had fired one shot from his shotgun at an officer.

The street where he was shot is about a 15-minute walk from McMilon's home.

Lt. Mike Budreau says McMilon had been acting strangely, though not in a menacing manner. Besides the shotgun, he had two handguns and “substantial” ammunition.

Chief Tim George tells the Medford Mail Tribune that officers were approaching the man on foot and in an armored vehicle when he fired.

Resident Ed Welch said he heard police yell at the man to drop his gun. The man had his gun raised and yelled back at police, “You go to hell!” One police officer was taking cover behind a Jeep.

The owner of the Jeep, Korby Wallace, said he saw the man pump the shotgun.

Resident Luis Hernandez said he saw the man walking down the side of the road, screaming at someone. He put ammunition inside a gun and readied it for firing.

Hernandez said after he went inside his garage at the urging of police, he heard seven or eight shots fired, but couldn't tell who fired them.

Earlier, when police went to McMilon's home, officers contacted him and a woman, but concluded no crime had been committed, Budreau said.

Detectives from regional agencies have begun an investigation, and the case will be presented to a grand jury, Budreau said. No officers were hurt. The four officers involved are on paid administrative leave.

“This is a major investigation,” said George. “We've taken the life of a person and it doesn't get any more serious than that.”

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