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Bicyclist struck, not seriously injured.

McMinnville Police Depatment photos
A bicyclist was struck Monday afternoon on Highway 18.
McMinnville Police Depatment photos
A bicyclist was struck Monday afternoon on Highway 18.

A bicyclist was struck about 4:30 p.m. Monday on Highway 18 near Cumulus Avenue.

McMinnville police gave this account:

Bicyclist James Klein, 60, of McMinnville was westbound on the highway approaching Cumulus. He was riding along the shoulder and wearing high visibility clothing.

As the right turn lane opened up for the intersection, Klein legally stayed next to the right lane of the highway, not moving over to the right turn lane. Sharon Fullmer, 54, of Sheridan, was driving a 2001 Acura and changed lanes from the center to the outside edge of the highway.

She then drifted over the line between her lane and the right turn lane and struck the rear of Klein's bicycle.

The impact sent Klein airborne for about 80 feet before he hit the shoulder of the highway and slid/rolled until coming to a rest. His bicycle continued past this point and came to a rest near the intersection with Cumulus Avenue.

Fullmer stated to the officers that she had gotten drowsy due to the heat while driving and was not aware of Klein until the impact.

Klein was transported by McMinnville Fire Department ambulance to the Willamette Valley Medical Center. He sustained some cuts.

Officer Steve Macartney credited Klein not being seriously injured with the fact he was wearing a properly fitted helmet.

"This incident serves as a reminder to bicyclists that helmets are a life-saving tool for any time you are bicycling on a roadway," Capt. Dennis Marks said. "It also serves as a reminder to drivers that driving drowsy can have significant consequences for you and for the other vehicles and persons that you share the roadway with."

Anyone with witness information about the crash should call Macartney at 503-434-7307.



People need to pay attention on the road. I know Jim very well and know he is the MOST careful cyclist around. He does everything right all the time so there is absolutely no reason why he should have been hit. If you are too tired to drive...pull off the road and have some coffee or something. Lives depend on it!!!!

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