By Ossie Bladine • Editor • 

As heard in the N-R newsroom, put to ink

"A perfect letterpress poster for that new reporter on deadline who needs to be reminded... every... time..."

The News-Register has long been recognized in competition as one of the nation's best small-town newspapers. It appears we also have some of the best (at least most marketable) newsroom banter in the country, too.

The folks at the popular blog Overheard in the Newsroom recently created an Etsy page to sell its new line of letterpress posters. The four pieces for sale are advertised as, "The best quotes from Overheard in the Newsroom -- now on hand-made letterpress posters."

Out of the over 10,000 sayings posted to the blog, only four made the cut to be printed, and one of those came from the News-Register newsroom.

Quote #10374 posted on March 28, 2013, was a piece of advice given from N-R Managing Editor Steve Bagwell to former county government reporter Nathalie Hardy. Hardy submitted the quote to the blog, and now the wisdom has been preserved in ink for the ages … but the run was only 65, so act now if you would like to buy one.

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