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Newberg group home resident accused of assaulting three

Richard Wright
Richard Wright

NEWBERG --  A man escaped from a state-run group home Thursday after he allegedly assaulted a staff member, entered a neighboring residence and struck a child, according to Newberg-Dundee police.

Richard Lee Wright, 32, was charged with two counts of fouurth-degree assault and one count each of first-degree criminal trespass and recklessly endangering another person. Bail was set at $32,500.

Police said Wright left the group home located at 918 Charles St. about 3:30 p.m.

Upon entering the residence, he punched a 7-year-old boy in the face multiple times, causing swelling and other injuries. Wright also struck the boy's mother when she tried to intervene, police said.

The mother, though injured, was able to push Wright out of her home. Her older son, who is 10, called 911.

The mother and younger son were treated at Providence Newberg Medial Center.

Police said they have asked the group home to place Wright in another facility.



What is happening in this world? The inmates apparently ARE running the asylum. Or do we call him a "client" and protect his rights to the exclusion of everyone else's?
You know, I'm ready to state something utterly un-PC but totally honest: I'm tired of the mentally ill. I don't want to understand them; I want them locked up.


Slow down, Lulu. It's not a crime to suffer from mental illness, any more than it is to suffer from cancer. It's not a choice people make for themselves.

We all want to be protected from the violent actions of other people, regardless of what lies beneath that violence. Prevention and treatment are preferrable to sanctions and punishment. There will always be individuals who cannot function in a civil society, but the wholesale lockup of those we deem "ill" is not the answer.

There was a time when electroshock therapy, forced lobotomy and involuntary sterilization were widely accepted methods for dealing with the undesireables among us. Let's not over-react to the current problems by simply warehousing those we "don't want to understand".


Bull. Maybe someone could try to understand me. These people are black holes.


Thank for baring your erudition, Dr. Lulu.


Maybe you should consider tossing the thesaurus.
What are you going to say to Mrs. Sponge after some "client" attacks her face with a ball peen hammer?
"He was just off his meds, dear."

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