Hours of budget hearings? Hey, it beats moving day

New N-R reporter settles in

(Don Iler/News-Register)  There’s nothing like getting whisked straight into the grind of a job on the first day — or the first few minutes, for that matter.

Before I even got to spend time in HR filling out paperwork, sign the lease on my new house, I was sent to the windowless wood-paneled basement of the Yamhill County Courthouse, where the county commissioners meet. 

County departments went through their budgets line by line — a thousand here, a million there — for hour after hour. I then rushed back to write up a story that came from those lines of budget. And that was before lunch.

Even though it might sound boring to most, I was actually excited to be there. Sitting in that room, being able to jump straight into my job, felt awesome. It was way better than thinking about the drudgery of moving into a new place.

While this is my first time living in Yamhill County, I have roots in Oregon. I grew up in Bend and graduated from Oregon State University in Corvallis. I recently moved here from Brookings, where I was a reporter.

Between high school and college, I served five years in the Marine Corps. In the course of that, I was deployed twice to Iraq.
I’m also working on a novel. And I still enjoy long walks on the beach, even though I’m no longer single. 

I’m excited to be your county government reporter. I look forward to reporting on issues that matter to Yamhill County.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me with tips or concerns, or just to tell me I understood it wrong. 

Don Iler
County Government & Politics Reporter

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