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Sheriff's office seeks suspicious vehicle

SHERIDAN — The Yamhill County Sheriff's Office is trying to locate what it has determined to be a "suspicious vehicle," last seen in the Sheridan area.

 Capt. Tim Svenson gave this account:

Last Monday afternoon, the sheriff's office took a report of a suspicious vehicle in which a male driver attempted to make contact with a 10-year-old female while she was riding her motorcycle on her property on Ballston Road.

The male was driving an early-1970s, two-tone brown, four-door sedan. He was described as being in his late 50s with greyish hair and a greyish beard. The male never exited his vehicle. However, he rolled his window down, pointed to a golden lab that was seated in the vehicle and motioned for the girl to come over.

Instead, she went home and told her mother what happened.

They saw the vehicle drive past their residence toward Sheridan. They attempted to follow it into town but it was not located. The mother contacted deputies and reported the incident.

The sheriff's office is actively looking for the vehicle and subject to find out what his intentions were.

"I applaud this 10-year-old girl for acting decisively, and her parents for teaching her how to react in situations like this," Svenson said.

Anyone with information about this incident, the vehicle or the driver should contact Sgt. Russ Vandewettering at 503-434-7506.

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