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Juvenile females being blackmailed for pornographic photos

A  juvenile female was "friended" on Facebook by an unidentified person during the past month, according to McMinnville police.

The Facebook "friend" convinced the girl to provide nude pictures of herself. After receiving the photos, the Facebook "friend" is now blackmailing the girl in an effort to obtain more pornographic pictures of her, police said.

Police learned this week that another juvenile female was contacted via Facebook and the nude pictures were shared with this girl who is friends with the original victim.

The person then threatened to share her friend's naked pictures globally on Facebook unless the  second girl shared some naked pictures of herself back to his Facebook account.

If any other families have had similar blackmail attempts to obtain pornographic images of their children, this should be reported immediately to police. The contact should not be deleted or the Facebook account altered until after police are contacted.

The police are working aggressively to identify and prosecute the suspect. Anyone with information regarding this investigation should call Detective Sgt. Scott Fessler at 503-435-5616.

Police remind parents to take a proactive role in making sure that their children are safe from these kinds of Internet predators, as well as other inappropriate internet threats (sexting, cyber bullying, etc).

Guidelines for parents who want to educate and protect their children from Internet predators and threats should go to

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