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Police searching for attempted armed robbery supsect

Victim able to fight off suspect and run home

Early this morning McMinnville officers, assisted by Yamhill County Sheriff's deputies responded to an armed robbery near 18th Street and Michelbook Lane in McMinnville.

The victim, an 18-year-old male, who was jogging in the area reported being confronted by three males.

A short time later, the three males are reported to have confronted the victim again, pulling up in a yellow or light colored Cadillac.

One of the males got out of the car and displayed a chrome handgun,while demanding money or for the victim to get into the car, according to a press release issued by the McMinnville Police Department.

Police say the victim was able to fight off the suspect and run home. The suspect is likely to have sustained injuries to his right arm and the left side of his face during the incident.

Police are looking for a vehicle described as a a yellow, or light colored, Cadillac with a dent on the back bumper. The suspect with the gun was described as 5 feet 9 inches to 5 feet 10 inches and weight between 135 and 150 pounds. Police say he was wearing a red t-shirt and dark baggy pants with a dark "beanie" style hat.

Police are asking anyone with more information about this incident to contact Officer Ryan McMullen at 503-434-7307.



I think that your staff should learn how to spell " Michelbook".

Michael Kolb

Ah yes... the ever-vigilant Spelling Police... yawn.


Good target for an armed robber, because joggers usually carry large amounts of cash....


might help if there was a better description of the car,like what year of or close to year of car,and a little better description of the alleged robbers like,hair color,hair length,skin color,white,brown,pink,green,glasses,no glasses,scars,tattoos,come on there must be 5,000 red shirts and 10,000 dark baggy pants on any day of the week,something sounds fishy about this whole deal.

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