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Abo bail reduced from $1 million to $500,000

He must post $50,000 to secure his release

Yamhill County Circuit Court Judge Cynthia Easterday reduced bail for alleged child beater Michael Abo from $1 million to $500,000 during a release hearing Wednesday afternoon.

Abo, 34, a former Yamhill County Sheriff's Office deputy and an inactive reserve officer for the Yamhill Police Department, could secure his release by posting $50,000.

He is charged with physically abusing his girlfriend's 4-year-old son on two occasions.

The sheriff's office and Sheridan Fire District medical personnel responded New Years Eve to Abo's Northwest Evans Street home in Sheridan and discovered the boy had sustained multiple external and internal injuries.

He was transported by Life Flight helicopter to Oregon Health & Science University in Portland and is listed in critical condition. 

Abo was arrested and is charged with two counts each of first-degree assault and first-degree criminal mischief. The assault charge is a Class A felony and Measure 11 offense, punishable on conviction by a mandatory minimum prison sentence. The criminal mistreatment charge is a Class C felony.

He is lodged in the Washington County Jail in Hillsboro. Given Abo's local law enforcement connections, he was moved to Washington County from the local facility.

He tentatively will be arraigned at 1:20 p.m. Monday in Yamhill County Circuit Court, at which time a grand jury indictment will have been returned. Abo will be transported from Hillsboro to McMinnville for the appearance.

Deputy District Attorney Alicia Eagan argued that bail should remain at $1 million.

Abo's privately-retained attorney, Mark Cogan of Portland, asked for a reduction to $50,000, which would have required the posting of $5,000 to gain his client's release.

See Friday's print edition for additional details. 



I'm sure the Police Union can't wait to defend this guy, protecting bad cops seems to be job number one with them. I also wonder if it is normal to wait days to arrest someone when this kind of crime is committed?


Your hate and disdain for Police is duly noted. (Or is it just unions?) Since he is "ex" as far as the S.O. is concerned and inactive with Yamhill a union wouldn't have anything to do with it to start with. But you are probably a smart guy and already knew this, didn't you?Former Deputy, reserve is a good and sound business decision for attracting readers and selling papers and you wouldn't have had much to comment on had the headlines been something like former student, former truck driver, former store clerk or something similar.
Let's worry about the health and welfare of the child laying in a hospital fighting for his life and send our best wishes to his family and friends.As to the second question, I suspect that in a case like this it is normal for the police to wait a few days. If you had read the article, you would have read that Abo told the police and others that (short version) the child had fallen down the stairs. They didn't believe him so went to work on tearing his story apart.I probably need to go watch a couple of Law and Order shows to get this right, but I suspect the Police waited until the boy got to the hospital and the Medical Professional's did what was necessary to save the boys life or at least stabilize him. After, what I think was probably their primary concern of saving a life, they dug into X-Rays, MRI's, CT's, interviewed Doctors and Nurses, mother, neighbors, friends and anyone they could that would either confirm Abo's lousy story or REFUTE his lousy story.With the primary "ducks" in a row, they probably went to the D.A. confirmed with the prosecutor that everything was in order and obtained the warrant for arrest. Considering your initial comment about police unions defending this guy, I can just imagine what your comments would have been had they arrested him for a child simply falling down the stairs.Prayers and best wishes to the 4 year old boy and his family.

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