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"Stopping By:" A reporter who knows that everyone has an interesting story to tell welcomes suggestions.

Starla Pointer/News-Register##Ellen McMurray keeps a positive outlook, no matter what happens. “Don’t hold a grudge,” she advises. The 90-year-old is a regular volunteer at the Yamhill-Carlton Food Bank.

Stopping By: Helping others and holding no grudges

Ellen McMurray has plenty of stories to tell. “My life has been an adventure,” the Yamhill resident said. “My life has not been tranquil, but I’ve had an interesting, varied life. ...

Marcus Larson/News-Register##McMinnville’s Anita Sterrett created numerous art pieces as part of her healing process in the 12-week “Phoenix Project.” Now she wants to help others.

Stopping By: Creative healing

After trying many other ways to work though her grief and resolve other painful episodes in her life, Anita Sterrett found healing through artistic expression. “I was a wreck,” said the McMinnville ...

Marcus Larson/News-Register##Marv Worden at the McMinnville Vets Club, where he’s a frequent visitor. After WWII, Worden operated McMinnville Concrete for 50 years. His blocks went into many local buildings.

Stopping By: A life built on service, hard work

Marv Worden plays down his service during World War II, deflecting thanks by pointing out the thousands of men and women who entered the war earlier and thus were thrown into combat overseas. It was 1945 ...

Marcus Larson/News-Register##John Hamilton on the set of “Rumors” at Gallery Theater, where he found new friends and a chance to exercise his creativity after moving to McMinnville from Maryland.

Stopping By: Improvising through life

John Hamilton worked hard to perfect his lines for his first show at Gallery Theater. Both of them. It paid off. His small, but eye-catching contribution to “Miracle on 34th Street” won “Best ...

Marcus Larson/News-Register##Steve and Mary Allen in the final week of their Jakes Deli, a landmark in McMinnville for 38 years.

Stopping By: Putting the brake on Jakes

Steve and Mary Allen say goodbye to customers after 38 years in the deli business

Starla Pointer/News-Register##Beverly Richardson,
left, and Kim Alt say they enjoy relaxing at their spinning wheels.
Both women knit with
the yarn they create.

Stopping By: Taking their wheels out for a spin

While their wooden wheels revolve rapidly, members of the Mac Spinners sit quietly, centered and calm. Only their hands and feet move, and even then the movements are subtle: feet rhythmically press pedals ...

Marcus Larson/News-Register##Ben and Tim Dority are both joining the Navy. The brothers from Lafayette, who share an interest in science and technology, hope to serve on nuclear submarines.

Stopping By: Brothers in uniform

Not long after his 2012 graduation from McMinnville High School, where he studied physics and chemistry at the Engineering and Aerospace Sciences Academy, Ben Dority tried to enlist in the Navy.  It ...

Marcus Larson/News-Register##Marc and Veronica Bartlett in their Yamhill home, where their art is on display. She painted the dog with the zigzag tail; he made the side table from vertical grain Douglas fir and added a concrete top.

Stopping By: Yamhill couple team up for Art Harvest tour

YAMHILL — Artists Marc and Veronica Bartlett put down their usual tools — saws and sanders in his case; clay, paints, a camera and found objects in hers — for a few days in order to spruce ...

Marcus Larson/News-Register##Instead of buying a 3-D printer, Joe Kleemann made several of his own, starting with open source plans and making improvements. He’s excited about today’s technology and wants to share his enthusiasm with a new generation.

Stopping By: The shape of things to come

Joe Kleemann is man of many dimensions. The McMinnville resident has developed, taught himself and created a wide range of skills over the years — ‚Äčin product design, welding, mold-making, plastic ...

Marcus Larson/News-Register##Shaun Strong, center, said raising children with his wife, Emilie, has helped him better understand God’s love. Their kids are, from left, are Rylee, Addyson, Kellen and Karson.

Stopping By: Strong in Faith

The Strong family starts each day with prayer. Shaun, Emilie and their four children bow their heads together at the breakfast table before heading off to their separate activities — Kellen and ...

Marcus Larson/News-Register##Donna Hulett enjoys displaying her quilts at home. An equilateral triangle quilt hangs on the wall behind her. A challenge quilt, featuring blocks made by several friends, is on the sofa back.

Stopping By: Stitches in Time

SHERIDAN — Donna Hulett uses different fabrics, different patterns and different colors in each of her quilts. But they all have one thing in common — an informative label on the back. “They ...

Marcus Larson /  News-Register##Larry Snider and Cheryl Nangeroni try to visit a new part of the world each year. The McMinnville couple
finds travel exciting, educational and enjoyable.

Stopping By: Treated like family

Food lured Larry Snider and his wife, Cheryl Nangeroni, to Greece. The people drew them back. "They treated us like family," said the McMinnville couple, who are encouraging other adventurous travelers ...

Starla Pointer / News-Register##Glen Watts shows one of the plows based on his designs that’s on display in the Yamhill Valley Heritage Center. It’s a two-way plow — blades on one side dig through the soil as it’s pulled up the field, then the other blades break up dirt as it’s pulled in the other direction.

Stopping By: As the earth turns

When Glen Watts was a little boy, horses pulled the plows and cultivators on his family’s farm and most of the farms around them. But about 1935, when he was still in elementary school, an exciting ...

Marcus Larson / News-Register##Actor and playwright Norm Tognazzini will see his play “Hopeful Monsters” performed on Friday.

Stopping By: Scripting a life

Norm Tognazzini has been writing and acting, both for pleasure and for pay, almost all of his life. He’s often intertwined the two, writing scripts that draw on his knowledge of how actors bring ...

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