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Marcus Larson/News-Register##Good Citizen winner Daniel Mather is a top student at Amity High School. He plans to combine interests in history, math and science in his senior project, building a 4-foot-long working model of a Roman aqueduct out of Legos.

Stopping By: Teen strives to be a good citizen

Amity senior Daniel Mather’s efforts to help others recognized by local DAR chapter

Marcus Larson/News-Register##Stan and Virginia de Stwolinski look over their album of wedding photos.

Stopping By: Enduring love

When he entered college, freshman Stan de Stwolinski knuckled down to his studies for three weeks. Then he met a girl, and studying moved to second place in his life. They smiled at each other from their ...

Marcus Larson/News-Register##Dorothee Kim works at her Navajo loom, a simple frame that holds the warp; she moves the weft strings over and under with her fingers.

Stopping By: Creating with fingers and string

Dorothee Kim uses her fingers and strings to create, whether it’s music or textiles. Kim is a professional violinist. She played with the Linfield Chamber Orchestra for 20 years after moving to ...

Rockne Roll/News-Register##Cody Kopp at Gallery Theater, where he has appeared in a number of plays, including “White Christmas,” “Enchanted April,” 
and “The Producers.” In addition to acting, Kopp operates McMinnville Catering Company out of the Crescent Cafe’s kitchen.

Stopping By: Center stage and behind the scenes

Cody Kopp participated in musical theater back when he was in high school in Eagan, Minnesota. He enjoyed working with his classmates, playing a character and, especially, singing — he knew he had ...

Marcus Larson/News-Register##Ralph Juda depended on cloth and cord when he was a paratrooper in World War II. Now the retiree works with a more solid substance, wood, in the shop at his home in McMinnville.

Stopping By: Down to earth

Ralph Juda once trusted his life to cloth and cord. Now he takes pleasure in a more solid substance — wood. Juda, a McMinnville resident since 1991, often loses track of time when he’s in ...

Marcus Larson/New-Register##
Frank Maynard looks through a book by one of his favorite authors — cowboy poet Baxter Black — in a room featuring furniture Maynard built himself.

Stopping By: Nicer than he claims to be

No one would want to pick a fight with Frank Maynard. He grew up on a farm on Three Mile Lane, where, he said, “Dad used me as a forklift.” And the work developed his muscles. He further ...

Marcus Larson/News-Register##Lou Ann Goodrich looks through her portfolio of finished pieces, which usually start with photos of wildlife. Goodrich is an animal lover who is concerned about the environment.

Stopping By: Reality, with an artist's touch

DUNDEE — Artist Lou Ann Goodrich works hard to get just the right photographs, often going into the field to capture images of wild animals behaving naturally. But the photographs are only the beginning ...

Rockne Roll/News-Register##
Linfield College visiting scholar Lily Lin shows off a traditional Chinese dress in her classroom on campus. Lin teaches language and Chinese culture classes.

Holiday Traditions: Fifteen days of festivities

For Lily Lin — known as Xiaoli Lin when she’s home in China — the New Year’s holiday is the major celebration of the year. Christmas is observed by many people in China, particularly ...

Marcus Larson/News-Register##A Christmas tree decorates the living room of the Leahy family — parents Justin and Lindley, sons Ryder and Osian, and daughter Catalina. The Leahys live on Foothills Farm, near Carlton.

Holiday Traditions: Christmas pudding and a fox hunt

Justin Leahy celebrated childhood Christmases on a horse ranch in Ireland When Justin Leahy was growing up in western Ireland, Christmas began with Catholic Mass. He and his two brothers, one a year ...

Rockne Roll/News-Register##Gina Eggleton is excited about Christmas this year. Born in the Midwest, she grew up in England and celebrates the holidays with a mixture of British and American traditions.

Stopping By: Across the pond ... and back again

As her mother drove the chilly December highways from Iowa to New York, where the family would board a plane, 4-year-old Gina Eggleton clutched a wrapped gift. Her grandmother had told her not to open ...

Rockne Roll/News-Register##
Ingo Nehls, a native of Germany, came to the U.S. to learn to fly helicopters, then started an aerial tour business. He runs Konect Aviation with his wife, Holly.

Holiday Traditions: Toy planes from the 'Christmas Man'

If Santa wanted to scope out the rooftops and chimneys of Yamhill County, he’d do well to call helicopter pilot Ingo Nehls. Nehls, who owns Konect Aviation with his wife, Holly, specializes in leading ...

Rockne Roll/News-Register##Connie Foster sews a garland for her outdoor Christmas tree, which will be on display during the Soroptimists’ annual holiday home tour. She also made a tablecloth and quilts for the event.

In the spirit of Christmas, friendship

Connie Foster’s McMinnville home is filled with spirit this season. The spirit of giving. The spirit of friendship. The spirit of Christmas. “Every room reminds me of new friends,” ...

Rockne Roll/News-Register##Kim and Nick Walton of Flag & Wire Coffee, pictured at their shop in the Granary District in McMinnville.

Stopping By: Running a good race

Coffee is more than a beverage to Nick and Kim Walton, proprietors of Flag & Wire Coffee house, roastery and distributorship in McMinnville’s Granary District.  It’s a way to bring ...

Submitted photo##During his visit to Washington, D.C., memorials, McMinnville’s Ken Vronman holds a photo of himself from his Coast Guard days in the Korean War era. His ship sailed waters off Korea, predicting the weather.

Stopping By: A moving experience for a veteran

McMinnville’s Ken Vronman usually goes steelhead fishing in the fall. This year, though, he’s put his rod aside and taken a different sort of trip — a very special one to see the memorials ...

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