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"Stopping By:" A reporter who knows that everyone has an interesting story to tell welcomes suggestions.

Marcus Larson/News-Register##Paul and Jan Baidenmann plan to celebrate Christmas this year by attending a church service and enjoying a meal with family members. The couple married in 2013.

Stopping By: A time for 'Jesus, decorations, family'

The Christmas season, like life in general, was magical during Paul Baidenmann’s childhood in Dutch Indonesia. Born in 1928, he enjoyed playing with his brother and other friends in the mild, tropical ...

Marcus Larson/News-Register##Marit Berning matches together artists and spaces, as she did with this mobile by Britain’s Martin Richman for the atrium of Walker Hall on the Linfield College campus. Richman is known worldwide for capturing light in his sculptures.

Stopping By: Curator believes in magic of art

After spending holidays in her native England some years, and in Ireland or Morocco other years, young Marit Berning had pretty much decided she didn’t believe in Father Christmas anymore. Then, ...

Stopping By: 'Treat pets like family'

The first procedure Yamhill County Pet Heroes does when it catches or receives a lost pet is to scan it for a microchip. Such chips are placed under the skin by a veterinarian so the dog or cat can be ...

Rockne Roll/News-Register##Kimball Kiess describes the improvements made to her backyard south of McMinnville to help facilitate her animal rescue operation. Kiess holds lost pets found and posted to the Yamhill County Pet Heroes Facebook page until they can be reunited with owners.

Stopping By: Getting them home



Rockne Roll/News-Register##Artist Cindy Clark put down her drawing pens to create a number of pieces based on shoes. Each has a theme, including her sentimental favorite, the Moulin Rouge shoe, which is topped by a windmill.

Stopping By: Art and sole

Some artists start with a lump of clay, squeezing or spinning it into shape. Others start with a hunk of marble, chipping away the excess to reveal the figure hidden inside. Some start with stretched canvas, ...

Marcus Larson/News-Register##With several canvases set up in his backyard in McMinnville, artist Rick Schanche adds paint to a landscape. He likes to work fast, using large brush strokes and moving among several canvases at once.

Art in motion

When Rick Schanche was studying art at the University of Oregon back in the 1970s, professor Ralph Baker advised him to keep busy and push to develop his talents and skills. “That stayed with me,” ...

Rockne Roll/News-Register##Alice Wicks has served as head of the Amity Public Library since 2011. She started as a volunteer 25 years ago.

Stopping By: A library life

AMITY — A building brought Alice Wicks to Amity. The same building, now housing the public library, has been keeping her there. Wicks, who has spent more than two decades of paid and volunteer work ...

Marcus Larson/News-Register##Wrapping up a 40-year career, Mary Ann Nolan is retiring as head of administrative services with McMinnville Water & Light.

Stopping By: 'Suited to service'

When she accepted a job at McMinnville Water & Light 40 years ago, Mary Ann Nolan didn’t realize she was slipping into a position that would fit her like a glove. “I’m really suited ...

Submitted photo##Tim Youngberg snapped a photo of his mother, Esther, as she paused on a high-altitude section of the trail. She said she loved the views of valleys, but wasn’t so happy about the steep inclines she had to climb. By the end of her walk, though, she could scale them without huffing and puffing, she said.

Stopping By: Spanish steps

On her 68th birthday, which fell on July 1, Esther Youngberg celebrated with a piece of Spanish cheesecake and a good, long walk. She skipped the cheesecake the next day, but did continue the walking. ...

Marcus Larson/News-Register
##Children try to decide what to do first at Scott’s Playhouse. Inspired by the late Scotty Banke, the playhouse offers slides, climbing areas and lookouts.

Stopping By: Where kids can be kids

The evergreens are the same size they were when first planted at Scotty’s Playhouse, which opened in October 2007. But over the decade, the trees have watched thousands of youngsters run and slide ...

Marcus Larson/News-Register
##George Milne and Wasatch, named for the mountain range in Utah, where Milne went to college and lived during the early years of his retirement. The two have been riding together for more than two decades. “He’s a good horse,” Milne said.

Stopping By: Easy in the saddle

George Milne and his registered quarter horse, Wasatch, haven’t spotted any bears in the almost two years they’ve been riding together in Yamhill County. They haven’t been looking, actually. ...

Marcus Larson/News-Register##
Ginny and Randy David in front of their collection of Imperial Iron Cross glassware. They have many collections of their own, and sell vintage items to others under the name G&R Antiques.

Stopping By: Finders, keepers

Just as Alice climbs through the looking glass into a fantastical world, Ginny and Randy David find enchantment by looking through glass of all sorts, from stamped-out dishes given away in the 1930s to ...

Rockne Roll/News-Register##Jessica Whiting, here with Annabelle the donkey, has loved animals since childhood and has taken in a variety of species on her farm near Carlton. She says being with them is like therapy.

Stopping By: A calling for caring

Since her aunt Greta and great-aunt Lillian were nurses, it was inevitable, perhaps, that people asked young Jessica Whiting if she planned to enter nursing. She didn’t. She considered nurses “strong ...

Rockne Roll/News-Register##Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum Curator Terry Juran, left, and volunteers Allen Herkamp and Kirk McFarland pore over photo albums that belonged to Arlene Johnsen, a flight attendant killed in the explosion of TWA Flight 800 in 1996.

THE STUFF OF HISTORY: The curator: Creating exhibits that educate and enthrall

When Curator Terry Juran looks across the floor of the Evergreen Aviation Museum, he sees much more than a collection of aircraft. He sees a collection of stories. Stories of the development of flight, ...

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