Library of Congress##Aviation pioneer Thomas Scott Baldwin’s airship returns from a trip over the Exposition grounds during the 1905 Lewis and Clark Centennial Exposition. The hillsides that Lafe Pence dreamed of moving into the lake are visible to the left.

Lafe Pence’s crazy plan: Wash mountains down to fill up lake

In 1904, a sharp-eyed 61-year-old hustler named Lafe Pence stepped off the train in downtown Portland for a meeting of the National Mining Congress. The conference he was attending has been long forgotten. ...

Courtesy K & M Wines##The K & M 2012 Pinot Noir Reserve Alchemy Vineyard was awarded best in show honors for this year s McMinnville Wine & Food Classic.

SIP! Wine Awards 2015

The 22nd annual McMinnville Wine and Food Classic is still two weeks away, but the kickoff for this always popular event, set for March 13-15 at The Evergreen Space Museum, took place a month ago. On ...

How to be a holiday mom

I knew I wanted to be a holiday mom before either Pinterest or my kids came into being. Long before people were creating virtual alternate realities, I was clipping ideas and recipes for fun things to ...

Be kind, persistent in order to shut the safety trap

DEAR CAROLYN: My neighbor thinks I’m a bad parent. Not just a bad parent, a dangerous parent. She thinks this because I do things like let my daughter climb the tree in our backyard and let my son ...

Marcus Larson/News-RegisterMac High student Eric Armstrong performs a monologue as Duke Orsino from Twelfth Night, Act 1 Scene 1, for the Shakespeare Club during their meeting. Armstrong recently won the statewide Performing Shakespeare competition.

All the world’s a stage

McMinnville High’s Eric Armstrong claimed top honors in this year’s Performing Shakespeare competition for Oregon high schoolers, winning an all-expenses-paid trip to nationals in New York ...

Submitted photoMcMinnville High science teacher Jared Larson standing on arctic tundra during the fellowship program trip.

Cold science

Jared Larson saw his first wild polar bears during a trip to the Arctic in 2012 — big males hunting for food and mothers shepherding their babies away from potential danger. One moved within a few ...

Submitted postcardA passenger train passes through the town of Shasta Springs, making for the Oregon border, around 1910. The train robbed near Roseburg in 1897 had passed through this town a few hours earlier.

Offbeat Oregon: Roseburg train robbery

It was just another work night for the engineer and crew of the No. 15 California Express Jan. 29, 1897. They’d passed all the long, lonely stretches where train robbers liked to operate and were ...

Homemakers take note

I’m far from being a Heloise or a Handy Mandy, so I’m always happy to increase my collection of household hints. And I’ve lately acquired some new ones I think are winners. I wish I’d ...

Time to raid the freezer

This is the time of year all those hours in the kitchen last summer and fall were spent ito help. Now, when there’s little in the garden and less in the orchard, is the hour of the pantry. It’s ...

Let daughter-in-law off the hook

Dear Carolyn: I recently had occasion to drop off a package at my granddaughter’s afternoon preschool. Believing I was doing my daughter-in-law (DIL) a favor, I timed my drive to stop at my son and ...

Marcus Larson/News-RegisterPrincess Puffer (Ember Eastman) sings “Wages of Sin” with her ensemble (Emily Jones, Ashley Benham Bertolini, Lauren Donovan, and Leticia Duran).

Gallery to open Mystery of Edwin Drood

Charles Dickens died before he finished writing a thriller called “The Mystery of Edwin Drood.” No offense to Dickens, but that’s actually a plus when it comes to a stage play based on ...

Karl Klooster/News-RegisterPatrons enjoy wine and food at Chapter 24 during its Spanish-style Valentine’s Day festivities, which included salsa dancing.

Wine so fine, my Valentine

Oregon wineries aim for the heart

Marcus Larson/News-RegisterCarlton community leaders meeting at Barrel 47 Restaurant: from left to right, Carol Fredrick, Charan Cline, Kevin Martin, Kathie Oriet, Chad Olsen, Karen Wright, Ken Wright, Amber Horne and Scott Bernards.

Great little town on the go

It wasn’t too many years ago that the economic engines driving the city of Carlton were wheat fields, hazelnut orchards, landscaping nurseries, grazing lands and timber stands. Even though they ...

Starla Pointer/News-RegisterMarilyn Coats, as the ingenue, sings “Thankful for the Music” at the Newcomers’ musical fashion show. Behind her are some of the other actors, from left, Ann Silverthorne, Monika Matthes, Pat Vaughn and Diane Bartsch.

Thankful for the music

Newcomers stage a festive and fashionable show at Michelbook


DAR honors history essay winners

"Then, they saw a statue, and knew they had arrived"

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