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Kitz campaign story revives old memory

All WhatchamaColumns This week, I was mentally transported back 27 years to a dimly lit conference room in the Oregon Secretary of State’s Office. It was the site of a vile political ambush that ...

Jeb Bladine - Website changes, but newspaper still print

One reason for change is many people enter our website with smart phones and tablets

Advice to governor either bad, or good!

Perhaps, governor's decision not to resign cautious stems from cautious deliberation

House committee has higher taxes in mind

There’s little to slow the onslaught of every imaginable tax hike proposal

'Gross-thought' ignores basic rule

In the long run, net results mean much more than immediate consequences 

Legal marijuana still a mind-altering drug

Let’s not act as if it’s harmless to have pot drifting openly through Americans' lives

Latest park project joins a long tradition

McMinnville provides an amazing array of parks experiences

Destiny a blanket of positive anticipation

Fans from each school claim theirs is the “team of destiny” 

Need a little light here in the abyss

Small companies have to bone up on the Affordable Care Act and private health insurance 

A perspective on top stories of 2014

From marijuana to Mariota, it's been another news-filled year

Doing genealogy to 'feed the soul'

You don’t need to look far for genetic ties to hundreds of cousins

About that delay in officer interviews ...

Police officers declined to make statements or answer questions before video of shooting became public

Much to learn behind the deaths

Dramatic increase this year in number of Americans killed by police

End quiet weekend with thankful check

Plenty of causes worth supporting to help ring in the holiday season

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