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Cpt. Chris Ray: Local drug effort at crisis point

Governor threatening to pull state support, which is vital for operation of multi-agency drug team

Jeb Bladine: Pitts optimistic on future of journalism

Leonard Pitts, known for messages of hope inserted into nationally syndicated columns about social and political problems, says he has changed. “I have not hope,” the bestselling author and ...

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Salam Noor: Oregon achieves together

Graduation numbers are encouraging, but more needs to be achieved before they’re satisfactory

Jeb Bladine: Biased people can find biased media

You literally can pick your poison when tuning into the current quagmire of national politics. The New York Times is calling on Congress to investigate President Donald Trump’s ties to Russia, commenting: ...

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Charles C. Haynes: A shameful day

On Jan. 27, International Holocaust Remembrance Day, President Donald Trump issued an executive order temporarily halting immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries, suspending the refugee program ...

Jeb Bladine: Joining us? Please leave meth behind

Editor's note: Information received subsequent to publication of this column reveals that the woman mentioned has no relationship to the alleged bank robber, and that she personifies the column comment ...

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Kathy Neary: A call for ‘housing first’

Providing a basic survival need can go a long way in curbing chronic homelessness

Jeb Bladine: Progressive looks at parking solutions

McMinnville has been progressive about downtown parking for decades. As tourism and property developments returned parking challenges to the forefront of public discussion, decision-makers will join a ...

Deb Bridges: Share a room, but not a bed

After receiving the exciting news confirming a pregnancy comes the undeniable thrill about decorating a nursery. Parents are lured by the decorative bedding in stores and online, filling the crib with ...

Jeb Bladine: Most wars begin with demonization

President Donald Trump recently stood on so-called hallowed ground in front of the CIA Memorial Wall — there, presumably, to soothe wounds he inflicted by comparing the U.S. intelligence community ...

Submittted photo##Journalist, First Amendment advocate and jazz historian Nat Hentoff met with Tom Henderson in 2004 at the Society of Professional Journalists convention in New York City. Henderson was the president of the Oregon chapter of SPJ at the time.

Tom Henderson: Requiem for a crusading newspaperman

Nat Hentoff died this month at the age of 91. That is a tragedy. A greater tragedy is how so few of you know he lived. The vast majority of you probably just read his name for the first time. Many people ...

Jeb Bladine: Resolve combined with apprehension

My cousin’s husband is Northern California regional coordinator for the Citizens’ Climate Lobby, a non-partisan advocacy organization with 366 active chapters worldwide. I’ve enjoyed ...

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Peter Hofstetter: Restore hospital Medicare payments with ACA repeal

In the new year, Congress and President Trump have promised to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA). If they are successful, it is imperative they restore critical Medicare payments to hospitals and clinics ...

Scott Gibson: Unraveling Obamacare


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