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"Happy Tails:" Tales of the bond between humans and animals.

Happy Tails: Dogs in workplace bring employment benefits

You can thank Modern Dog magazine for reminding me that today is Take Your Dog to Work Day all across this glorious continent. I find it somewhat ironic that Take Your Dog to Work Day was the brainchild ...

Happy Tails: So many sorts of service dogs

My husband John, who’s a news junkie and consumes newspapers online like some of us go through romance novels or mysteries, forwarded me an article from BBC news, written by Peter Bowes in Los Angeles, ...

Happy Tails: Tech designed for the pet set

I don’t know if there’s a term for the opposite of geek, but if there is, it could describe me. Not that I’m cool, although it may be that geekiness is cool these days. But I have absolutely ...

Happy Tails: Certification no walk in the park

Fiddlesticks and I are feeling pretty full of ourselves at the moment. We passed the Pet Partners Therapy Dog evaluation with a very respectable score. Hallelujah, to put it succinctly. If I told you ... dog park is frightfully crowded. How
about taking me for a nice walk instead? There’s a good chap.

Happy Tails: A few more bones to pick

Another batch of annoying human behaviors Last time, I wrote about a Modern Dog magazine article by Steven Dumo called “12 Things Humans Do that Annoy Dogs.” I’m afraid I editorialized ...

Happy Tails: A few human behaviors your dog could do without

The latest edition of my new favorite pet-related publication arrived the other day. Modern Dog magazine is every bit as slick as BARK, with just as many adorable photos and just as many advertisements ...

Happy Tails: Accentuate the positive behaviors

A while back I wrote a column debunking the dominance theory in dog training — the school of thought that in order to train a dog, one had to teach him that the person was in charge and he was not. ...

Ruling is a leap for non-mankind

I was trudging along on a Sunday morning not long ago, walking one of my dogs, when I heard the familiar voice of NPR’s Linda Wertheimer telling me about the fate of an orangutan named Sandra. It ...

Guidelines to choosing healthy chow for your pup

It’s that time of year: I have in hand the 2015 Whole Dog Journal list of approved foods for your dog. Which means I am once again about to plunge into the abyss of dog food labeling. Please take ...

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