"Greens & Beans" by Nicole Montesano

Nicole is a reporter who likes to eat, cook and garden, and write about all three.

Greens & Beans: Nutritious foods, free for the taking

Lately, I’ve been reading a number of heartbreaking stories about people finding themselves unable to afford vegetables or other nutritious food, and fearing their health is suffering in consequence. Times ...

Greens & Beans: Time to take stock of the pantry

For preservers, March is an excellent time to take stock of what remains of all that you put up in the preceding year, and to begin making plans for the new season. Ideally, you want to be about three-quarters ...

Time to raid the freezer

This is the time of year all those hours in the kitchen last summer and fall were spent ito help. Now, when there’s little in the garden and less in the orchard, is the hour of the pantry. It’s ...

Planning ahead can reduce need for takeout

Takeout can be a godsend; there are many times when I’m profoundly happy it’s an option. On the other hand, every night is a bit much, and having other coping strategies can be helpful.

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Citrus season is in swing

Embrace the imported sunshine

Make winter meals simple and hearty

Casseroles, soups, stews are welcome dishes this time of year


Meditating over a pot of soup

Concentrating on chopping and stirring allows the mind to quiet

Modified dish suits the season

It’s a good time for casseroles and soups

No shortage of ways to prepare squash in the winter

And that's just one of many delicious fall foods

It's a delicious time to dine

Roasted peppers, baked squash offer array of options

Enjoy the evolving abundance of fall

There is a wealth of good, inexpensive food to enjoy

Following the food seasons

Finishing off the summer supply, looking forward to pumpkin pie

Learning to bake without grains

Experimenting with homemade nut meals in place of flour

Preserving the summer season

With fall in the air, there's a certain sense of priority on stocking the larder

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