Nathalie Hardy

A local mother writes her columns in the margins of a busy family life.

Lessons learned poolside

When I set off to visit my parents in Palm Springs, where they live when they aren’t back in the Old Country, I knew my boys would learn some new words in my native tongue of Slovak.  Nathalie ...

How to be a holiday mom

I knew I wanted to be a holiday mom before either Pinterest or my kids came into being. Long before people were creating virtual alternate realities, I was clipping ideas and recipes for fun things to ...

A manifesto of one's own

Your assignment: Write down your personal parenting philosophy

The screw not swallowed

A Hardy family Chistmas story

So what if you don't sew

But good for you if you do

Heaven help us

The Hardy boys go to church

Find a need and fill it

The best way to teach children how to help others is by showing

Because I said so

Instead of judging or criticizing, help a mama out

A day in the life

Welcome to my world

Beyond the bon-bons

Even simple tasks are a challenge with two little ones in tow

You say boredom like it's a bad thing

In truth, it's awesome. There. I said it.

Postcards from home

Some things are awesome; others, not so much

Let their gut be their guide

Difficult subject of child abuse needs open discussion

When living the dream is no longer reality

Going back to writing in the margins of mothering

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