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Moving back to the editorial page

My first exposure to the opinion function came in 1971, when I signed up for John Hulteng's legendary editorial-writing course during my first year of grad school at the University of Oregon. He was coming ...

We built the road; now fix the signage

Here’s a long-awaited sentence: I drove the Newberg-Dundee Bypass! It’s just Phase 1, thus incomplete, And funding and topographic challenges caused an interchange flaw that may become a black ...

Jason, right, and his 56-year-old street pal, Mark, take an early morning break before heading out to seek aid and comfort from passing motorists. Mark is a former painter and welder from Idaho. The two have been hanging out together since meeting 18 months ago at a local shelter.

Just looking for a wave and a smile

Former husband and homeowner reflects on a life winding down on the streets

Jeb Bladine: With few sibs, you depend on cousins

Year-end holidays remind us how families are complicated foundations of our lives. As someone with small nuclear families — both vertically and horizontally — I always marvel at how people ...

Oregon Department of Transportation photo##Aerial photo taken earlier this year of the large fishhook on the south terminus of Phase 1 of the Newberg-Dundee Bypass.

Ken Dollinger: As the bypass turns

It’s been a trying saga so far, and this season concludes with a few cliffhangers left out there

Jeb Bladine: Personal lists of ‘prominent deaths’

Today we continue our year-end tradition of reviewing the most prominent local news stories, and recognizing the loss of a few well-known people. Our practice of listing prominent deaths always overlooks ...

W. L. W. White: Our Boys, How Christmas Eve was enjoyed years ago

[The following is reprinted from the Dec. 25, 1886, edition of the Daily Reporter., McMinnville, Vol. 1, No. 95; price: 2 cents] By W. L. W. White Publisher, Daily Reporter Eighteen years ago Christmas ...

Jeb Bladine: No drones allowed, but some photos OK

People clearly are concerned about government surveillance, as per reader comments on our news story about Yamhill County’s new contract for aerial photography. The related debate spawned myriad ...

Rockne Roll/News-Register##The form used to collect information during Yamhill Community Action Partnership’s annual headcount of the area’s homeless population, showing a wide range of afflictions that contribute to a person’s current status.

Robert Mason: No one solution to homelessness

But there’s potential for progress with understanding and multifaceted support programs 

Jeb Bladine: Think about tax law impact on donations

Americans may be absorbed with late-stage holiday shopping, but their growing Christmas spirit also kindles a surge in charitable donations. Informed sources estimate that 30 percent of charitable giving ...

Submitted photo##Oregon State University student Andrew Chione holds up a Coho salmon carcass found on the Upper North Yamhill River during a Coho Creek Hike. Since 2012, community volunteers, student interns, and local landowners have helped the Greater Yamhill Watershed Council discover where runs of wild Coho salmon are spawning across the Yamhill River Watershed.

Gabi Esparza: Coho salmon in the Yamhill Watershed

Salmon are an iconic symbol of the Pacific Northwest. Strong and beautiful creatures, they provide a number of services to our ecosystems, economies and communities. They offer sustenance for not only ...

Jeb Bladine: Anti-media solution: Lynch journalists

Philippe Reines recently wrote: “The havoc Donald Trump’s presidency has wreaked will take years to fully understand, let alone recover from. High on the list of things to undo will be the ...

News-Register file photo##Brooke Hausmann, left, and Chelsey Nichol carry the cape of newly crowned Biggest Turkey during the 1985 Biggest Turkey Competition.

Chelsey Nichol: A festival worth saving

Turkey Rama needs new life, but scrapping the event as we’ve known it is not the answer

Jeb Bladine: Reader nudges N-R for shooting update

Monday, reacting to a Saturday shooting in McMinnville, a frustrated reader nudged us with this website post: “How about an update, News-Register.” Tuesday the reader added, “I don’t ...

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