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Jeb Bladine: Telling stories just part of the package

Grizzlies and Wildcats will mingle and reminisce at a Jan. 7 memorial service for Perry Stubberfield, and the source for many of their stories will be the man they are there to honor. Perry’s 78 ...

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Sal Peralta: Crashing the parties

County ballot measures passed in November show voters’ desire to change campaign rules

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Robert F. Dodge: The Treaty of Tlatelolco

Giving thanks to our Latin American neighbors toward a world free of nuclear weapons

Jeb Bladine: Partners produce holiday light magic

Once again this holiday season, a night drive or walk through downtown McMinnville reveals a spectacular canopy of tree lighting that magnifies the sidewalk and cross-street Christmas displays. It’s ...

Megan Corvus: Puddles, in fact, not part of final Waters of the United State law

In October, the News Register published a Viewpoints commentary by Yamhill County Commissioner Mary Starrett, outlining her concerns about the EPA’s “Clean Water Rule: Waters of the United ...

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Jeb Bladine: Living in the local state of mind

The annual holiday spending spree began today on Black Friday, to be followed immediately by Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday and four full weeks of pre-Christmas shopping. Through it all we try to ...

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Charles C. Haynes: Religious freedom in the age of Trump

In the end, this election wasn’t decided by Russian hacking, sexual assault charges, “blood coming out of her whatever,” the FBI or any of the other extraordinary moments that defied ...

Jeb Bladine: ‘Facts’ categorized as election casualty

A television comedy skit this week began with organ music and a sober-faced minister intoning, “We are gathered here today to mourn the passing of our dear friend, Facts.”It was humorously ...

Kevin Martinez: Documenting through body cameras

Body cameras in today’s society are critical and essential tools for law enforcement. Although this may seem logical across the board, implementation of a body camera program within a law enforcement ...

Jeb Bladine: Local sunshine on tax-hike strategies

A mass of campaign finance numbers is available online for anyone caring to analyze the politics of Oregon. Meanwhile, even a cursory look at those figures reveals a fascinating story of tax increase efforts ...

Jeb Bladine: In baseball, there’s room for agreement

In the 1950s, baseball equated with the New York Yankees, winners of eight American League pennants and six World Series in that decade. I didn’t know, or care, about the “Curse of the Billy ...

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Nathalie Hardy: Reaching out to runaways

November is National Runaway Prevention Month, an easy event to let blend into the backdrop of calls for awareness on all sorts of critical and important issues. It’s vital for our communities to ...

Jeb Bladine: No bets, Bernie, on Clinton-Trump vote

I missed Sunday’s party, when McMinnville Area Habitat for Humanity celebrated the organization’s new Aspire subdivision and 25 years of contributions to Habitat by co-founder Bernie Turner. News ...

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Who should be the next president of the United States?

 A case made for Hillary Clinton by N-R managing editor Steve Bagwell, and an endorsement for Donald Trump by local businessman Devon Cuttrell.

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