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Submitted photo##During an Extension Service field crop tour in 2014, local farmers consider conventional tillage versus no-till practices.

Marie Vicksta: People spoke, legislators acted

Soil and Water District celebrates Earth Day all year with activities to protect the local environment Throughout the 1960s, the American environmental movement was building momentum and gaining support. ...

Jeb Bladine: Protect access to body cam videos

Oregon legislators are struggling with issues related to police body cams, and they have plenty of company throughout the country. It’s a hot topic nationally due to a steady stream of reports about ...

Others Say: Governor must make compromises to pass transportation bill

Kudos to Gov. Kate Brown for highlighting the state’s congested roadways in her first State of the State Address. “These issues are real, and they are statewide,” Brown said Friday. Solving ...

Jeb Bladine: Tragic death puts spotlight on caution

When a 41-year-old McMinnville man suffered serious injury in a March 31 crash at Fourth and Evans streets in downtown McMinnville, my mind jumped in two directions: First, I was transported 40 years ...

Others Say: April 17, 2015

Need to tighten rules for forest spraying A legislative proposal to protect residents of rural areas against exposure to herbicides sprayed on private forest lands has been sent to a work group, ostensibly ... image

Leonard Finkelman: Making sense of scientific facts

By drawing conclusions from observations of the world, philosophy cannot help but be irrevocably connected to science

Jeb Bladine: Wily virus tricks us to secure a new host

This year’s virus of choice seems to be causing something between a common cold and the flu, with many people asking themselves: I wonder how long this cough is going to hang on? Here’s a ... farmer needs water for his field.

Eric Schuck: Drought exposes vital mistake

Outside Boardman, about 30 miles west of Pendleton, the Navy’s footprint in Oregon is fairly small. So, for most of the past two years, when my Reserve weekend would roll around each month, I’d ...

Jeb Bladine: A trifecta of stores about public records

At the risk of exaggerating the importance of our request for Yamhill County documents, the News-Register at least temporarily has joined a trifecta of high-interest public records stories. Beginning ...

Others Say - April 3, 2015

Selected editorials from other Oregon newspapers Increase public trust by releasing police body camera videos Oregon lawmakers are considering a bill that would standardize the use of body cameras worn ...

Perspectives on vaccination

Pediatrician “Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first and the lesson afterwards.”- Albert Einstein How we have gained knowledge about preventable diseases certainly ...

Submitted photo##Guest writer Jared Larson began
his voyage in Svalbard, a
Norwegian archipelago in the
Arctic Ocean. He has taught
science at McMinnville High for 17 years, helping students enjoy science afield. He and
his wife, Mindy, are raising two children in McMinnville.

Jared Larson - Science from the Arctic

By Jared Larson Close your eyes and picture a place you would like to visit. When I close my eyes, I see the Arctic. There are polar bears roaming the ice and hunting for seals. Vast expanses ...

Emily Grosvenor - Writing reflects terroir, too

Unique local festival draws potential writers whose work finally finds its way to printed page

Jeb Bladine - Anti-business laws multiplying in Salem

How are things going at the Oregon Legislature? Just great, if you believe in oppressive government regulation; not so good if you believe in a free enterprise system. State Rep. Bill Kennemer, R-Canby, ...

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