David Roth/Patrick Story - Ask legislators to return rural investments to rural Oregon

A nasty loophole in Oregon law is being used to divert tax money from the intended rural recipients in favor of the Portland Metro area. Because of a twist in the law, about 5,000 acres of urban land in the Portland area are treated as rural because those acres were considered rural back in 2002.

Salley Ivey - Yamhill County juvenile facility is strict, as it should be

When I read the article on the Yamhill County juvenile facility published a few months back (News-Register, Nov. 4, “Lining up at Juvie”), it really upset me. I chose not to speak out, but ...

Jeb Bladine - In 'Sunshine Week,' Oregon has clouds

All WhatchamaColumns                     This has been “Sunshine Week,” a national dialogue about open government, freedom of information ...

Emily Grosvenor - Writing reflects terroir, too

Unique local festival draws potential writers whose work finally finds its way to printed page

Submitted photo##

Sheri King - Possibly Oregon's first city park

Joel Perkins Park in Lafayette will soon be recognized with historical marker

Submitted photo##Highway 18 runs diagonally in front of Riverbend Landfill. Yamhill County commissioners will soon vote on a 29-acre expansion, which lies in the light-tan triangular area between the line of trees along Highway 18 and the gray plastic marking the landfill’s edge. This view during a time of high water in December 2014 shows the South Yamhill River along the landfill’s south and east borders.

Jeb Bladine - Landfill opponents have 'won'

Years of dedicated resistance reduced the height and acreage of the original Riverbend expansion proposal; now let's have some certainty on its life expectancy

Others Say: Oregon’s statues will add diversity in U.S. Capitol

From The Register-Guard, Eugene The ponderously named Statuary Hall Study Commission was no doubt happy last week to hand state lawmakers the final job of deciding which two historic figures should represent ...

Jeb Bladine - We remember and admire all that was

All WhatchamaColumns                     Dave Frohnmayer, as we’ve been reminded this week, was many things to Oregon. Comments from state ...

Katie Kulla - Rejection of fish channel unhinges Grand Island quarry plans

CommunityCommentary Katie Kulla, president of the PGIF board of directors, wrote this commentary on behalf of the board. By KATIE KULLA  The nonprofit Protect Grand Island Farms ...

Submitted image##Artist’s concept of the redesigned library plaza.

Alice Darnton - Loving your library

In addition to reading, many people enjoy discussing their favorite books, authors.

Submitted photo##On a 2003 birding tour, Sullivan uses his scope on a Washington beach just north of the mouth of the Columbia River.

Paul Sullivan - For the love of birds

How former bird hunter became enraptured with feathered friends who fly with wind beneath their wings

Jeb Bladine - Kitz campaign story revives old memory

All WhatchamaColumns This week, I was mentally transported back 27 years to a dimly lit conference room in the Oregon Secretary of State’s Office. It was the site of a vile political ambush that ...

Chrissie Manion Zaerpoor - Legislature has chance to prevent antibiotic overuse

Guest Writer Guest writer Chrissie Manion Zaerpoor is co-owner of Kookooloan Farms in Yamhill. As a farmer in Oregon, I feel the pride that growing food brings to our state on a daily ...

Website changes, but newspaper still print

One reason for change is many people enter our website with smart phones and tablets

Submitted photo##In September 2014, the Yamhill County Health Department posted small, yellow closure signs on the South Yamhill River near Amity, after swimmers at Green Bridge tested positive for E. coli. Downstream, drinking water had to be boiled. Certainly not improving the unhealthy conditions, litter dots the area.

Land we love is at risk

Litter, trespassing jeopardize local piece of open land and clean water

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