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Staying on the same page

Active newspaper readership leads to concerned, aware participation on hometown issues

Jeb Bladine: Like giving drugs to Oregon addicts

In February we asked: “How long will Oregonians allow the excessive cost of PERS to drive our ship of state?” It’s time to change that rhetorical question to something slightly more impudent: ...

Submitted photos##Examples of the diverse examples of traded sector jobs in and around McMinnville.

Lacey Dykgraaf: Unsung economic heroes

Manufacturing’s multi-purpose roles are essential to the area’s economic well-being

Jeb Bladine: High-tech tips, free wi-fi tablet

If you don’t use a computer or cell phone, this column is not for you. If those are tools of your daily life, I assume that you, like me, have a few gaps in your knowledge of device operations. There ...

News-Register file photo##Rob Schulman plays a djembe, a type of goblet-shaped drum originating in West Africa.

Joan Paddock: Starting with a rhythm

People may know me as a professor of music at Linfield College, as conductor of the college band or as a trumpet player at churches and concerts in the community. A newer, somewhat related, interest of ...

Jeb Bladine: Consider who gets Measure 97 billions

An attorney from Portland and a citizen-politician from Klamath Falls win this week’s nod for thought-provoking commentary about state financial management and the call for an unprecedented tax increase. James ...

aoo3771/ Can Stock Photo

Ossie Bladine: This commentary for sale?

Native advertising has exploded as a digital revenue platform, leaving some left deceived

Jeb Bladine: Countdown starts for another election

Counting this week, there are 10 Viewpoints sections before election day, so get ready for a steady stream of letters, editorials and commentary about candidates and issues on the November 8 ballot. When ...

iqoncept/ Can Stock Photo

Angela Flood: Records from the trenches

Being an advocate for free and open public documents is no picnic, especially in Oregon

Jeb Bladine: Silents & Boomers started local ‘drag’

Before the car parade begins in this year’s Dragging the Gut Festival, a few of McMinnville’s early cruisers would like to set the record straight. Our entertaining feature story last week ...

stevanovicigor/Can Stock Photo##
Lennon graffiti wall in Prague.

Tom H. Hastings: Time for nuclear disarmament

When I turned 12 on October 27 1962, I asked my dad if he thought I’d live to go to high school. The memory of him looking at me — he was a Navy veteran of World War II in the Pacific and spent ...

Mary Stern: Inspired for the Aspire development

I am thrilled to introduce myself as the new executive director at the McMinnville Area Habitat for Humanity. As many of you know, I served for many years as a Yamhill County commissioner and was deeply ...

Jeb Bladine: Marijuana stories populate the news

Who would have thought, a few short years ago, that marijuana would become one of the most prominent 2016 story topics in the News-Register? After Oregonians voted in 2014 to legalize recreational marijuana, ...

Jeb Bladine: It’s tough to have an original thought

I don’t know why anyone tries to write creative commentary about Donald Trump — it’s all been written before. This week, The Donald couldn’t stop himself from wondering aloud if ...

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