Tom Henderson

"Along the Street:" News about businesses around the Yamhill Valley.

Starla Pointer

"Stopping By:" A reporter who knows that everyone has an interesting story to tell welcomes suggestions.

"Whatchamacolumn" by Jeb Bladine

"WhatchamaColumn:" The News-Register's publisher tackles diverse issues, local andbeyond.

Elaine Rohse

"Rohse Colored Glasses:" Reflections on history and home life.

Nancy Carlson

"Happy Tails:" Tales of the bond between humans and animals.

Nicole Montesano

"Greens & Beans:" A reporter who likes to eat, cook and garden, and write about all three.

Ossie Bladine

Ossie Bladine

Ossie Bladine, the News-Register's news editor, writes his Sound Check music column in his spare time. You can contact Ossie at 503-687-1269 or

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