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illarionovdv/Can Stock Photo##Example of an electronic toll gate over a highway.

John A. Charles: Tolling people on to Portland’s highways

Earlier this year the state legislature passed a bill requiring the Oregon Transportation Commission (OTC) to apply for federal authorization to implement “value pricing” on two regional highways: ...

Jeb Bladine: Obsession blurs lines of propriety

Obsession is a dangerous trait. Just ask J.W. Millegan of McMinnville. We don’t know exactly why a swarm of FBI agents stormed Millegan’s downtown McMinnville home Wednesday morning, except ...

Tomas Castelazo/ Wikimedia 
Commons##Day of the Dead at a Mexican cemetery.

Daniel Wojcik and Robert Dobler: Mourning and celebration

What ancient cultures teach us about grief, mourning and continuity of life

Jeb Bladine: Online map shows Mac crime reports

McMinnville is experiencing a spike in thefts, burglaries and property crimes, providing yet another reminder for residents to lock their cars, deadbolt their homes and stay alert. The most prominent ...

Submitted photo##Local community members and students from Linfield College and Chemeketa Community College pose with a pile of invasive weeds removed from along Cozine Creek on Linfield Campus. Linfield is working with the Greater Yamhill Watershed Council to secure grant funding to enhance the habitat on Cozine Creek on campus, and to engage the community in service learning activities.

Luke Westphal: Care for Cozine Creek

Upcoming restoration projects continue McMinnville stream’s storied history

Jeb Bladine: Complex laws set deadly force rules

The shooting of a home intruder this week sparked debates about rights of self-defense. As Capt. Rhonda Sandoval points out in today’s news story, Oregon laws on the use of deadly force are complicated. First ...

Submitted photo##A view of a neighborhood in Phnom Penh, Cambodia where Camilla Sumner lived during a gap year spent teaching and traveling abroad.

Camilla Sumner: Gap year reflections

It’s been almost three months since I returned home from Cambodia, and it was the best year of my life. After I graduated from high school in June 2016, I didn’t feel like college was the right ...

Jeb Bladine: Good time to revisit the First Amendment

The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, adopted in 1791, underpins America’s most important individual freedoms. Every so often, it’s pertinent to remember that one simple, but very complicated, ...

focalpoint/Can Stock Photo##

Elliot Berkman: Healthy choices are neither good nor bad; only thinking makes them so

Doing healthy things can feel like a battle between the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other. The devil impels me to order the bacon burger for lunch, but the angel nudges my hand toward the ...

Jeb Bladine: ‘This isn’t the time to talk gun control’

A demented mass murderer killed at least 58 people Sunday night in Las Vegas during 10 minutes of near-automatic gunfire from high above an outdoor concert venue. We still don’t know exactly how ...

Chris Hendon/CC BY-ND##Science helps optimize the coffee.

Christopher Hendon: The science of good java

Brewing a great cup of coffee depends on chemistry and physics

Jeb Bladine: What an interesting cast of characters!

I can imagine your eyes rolling as the Evergreen saga produces another high stakes legal drama. This time, Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum is a much-interested bystander. The Falls Event Center ...

Lisa Hupp, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service##A female bear and her cubs walk near a red elderberry bush on the edge of a cliff on Kodiak Island, Alaska.

William Deacy: Swapping fish for fruit

After several years of studying brown bear ecology on Alaska’s Kodiak Island, I grew used to walking up streams into scenes of carnage. Where bears had killed and eaten spawning sockeye salmon, streambeds ...

Jeb Bladine: Projects responding to anticipated growth

Driving around town this year, it feels like significant growth in McMinnville: more traffic; lots of construction; field work marking approval of a 278-unit subdivision. And there are so many planning ...

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