Submitted image##Artist’s concept of the redesigned library plaza.

Alice Darnton - Loving your library

In addition to reading, many people enjoy discussing their favorite books, authors.

Perspectives on Department of Fish & Wildlife

Oregon Hunters Association and Oregon Wild proffer their views on what to look for in next director of ODFW and ideas for increasing revenue

Submitted photo##In September 2014, the Yamhill County Health Department posted small, yellow closure signs on the South Yamhill River near Amity, after swimmers at Green Bridge tested positive for E. coli. Downstream, drinking water had to be boiled. Certainly not improving the unhealthy conditions, litter dots the area.

Land we love is at risk

Litter, trespassing jeopardize local piece of open land and clean water

Submitted photo##On a 2003 birding tour, Sullivan uses his scope on a Washington beach just north of the mouth of the Columbia River.

Paul Sullivan - For the love of birds

How former bird hunter became enraptured with feathered friends who fly with wind beneath their wings

Ellen Rosenblum - Wise giving guidance

Precautions include watching for tax deductibility, pressure to make donation quickly, bogus charities

Elaine Burke - Preventing abuse and neglect

Children younger than age 5 and their families benefit from relief nursery, parent education

Courtesy of Google EarthMcMinnville Airport today, with Galen McBee Airport Park at lower left, a sharp bend in the Yamhill River at center left, Highway 18 horizontal at the top, the Boeing 747 in front of the Evergreen museum complex at top center, and adjacent agricultural fields. Compare this image with the aerial view taken in 1987, below.

Galen McBee - 'Flight records' for the airport

McMinnville airfield, built for defense and subsequently serving pilots statewide, finds itself in a holding pattern today
Better outcomes in the United States can result when patients are active partners in health-care decisions and routinely offer providers their opinions on the quality of their care. In this type of patient-centered care, physicians collaborate rather than control, which requires asking what the patient prefers and considering the answers.

Ruth Tarentine - Toward patient-centered care

Taking charge of your own health is crucial for successful outcomes in the United States

Federal Communications Commission - Understanding your phone bill

FCC offers explanations, tips on deciphering phone bills

Eric Schuck - Home for Christmas

After deployment to Middle East, Navy reservist changes his tune on beloved song

Submitted photoAlex Feinberg and McMinnville native LiAnna Davis were married this fall on a mountaintop overlooking Lake Tahoe. In lieu of wedding gifts, the couple requested contributions to their favorite charities.

Tad Beckwith - YCAP receives amazing gift

Engaged couple makes generous decision to benefit food banks in their hometowns

Shutterstock photo

David Russo - Prescription drug abuse

Can Oregon overcome its prescribed medication problem?

Shutterstock.comAn unmanned aircraft system, or UAS, with a camera.

Heather Stoven - A view from above

Unmanned aircraft will offer precision and savings to farmers and other agricultural operations

Photo courtesy of Parker Moore’s Twitter account
Parker Moore, right, with Linfield College football teammate Kyle Chandler.

Ryan Adams - Losing a student to tragedy

Parker Moore's ninth-grade math teacher writes a remembrance of an extraordinary student

Should dog licenses be required?

Tim Svenson and Linda Watkins present Pro and Con on the question

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