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Marcus Larson/News-Register##Teacher Brad Pearson, left, leads yoga poses during a class at 4 Elements. He calls the McMinnville studio “my happy place” where he feels stress-free.

Path to healing

When Brad Pearson relocated to McMinnville three years ago, his body was contorted by stress, his movements were limited, and he had little energy, stamina or hope. “I was a wreck,” he said. Today, ...

Marcus Larson/News-Register##McMinnville High School student body president Maria Martinez, seated on the 2016 senior bench, calls the leadership role challenging but rewarding.

Stopping By: Leading students together

McMinnville High School is a big place, with about 2,200 students in a building that sprawls over more than four city blocks. “It doesn’t feel that big,” though, to Maria Martinez, the ...

Rockne Roll/News-Register##Evergreen Aviation Museum docent Dick Wood spends Thursdays telling visitors about the Spruce Goose. He’s been volunteering since the Goose arrived in McMinnville in pieces in 1993.

Stopping By: Landing in the right place

Aviation enthusiast Dick Wood has a knack for landing in the right place at the right time. The future airline mechanic, private pilot and aviation museum docent was even born in the right place — ...

Rockne Roll/News-Register##Joanne Walker, Dorothy Parker, Darlene Grauer, Lisa McRae and Sharyl Michael make stocking cap ornaments during the FCE Spring Festival.

Stopping By: Learning together

Back in 1973, an Oregon State University extension agent contacted numerous young mothers in the McMinnville area, asking if they’d like to join a new homemakers’ club.  It would ...

Rockne Roll/News-Register##Doug Cruikshank walks back after scooping a load of gravel at a Habitat for Humanity homesite in McMinnville. He usually volunteers Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Stopping By: Safe as houses

The first dwellings Doug Cruikshank built were temporary: snow caves that block out icy wind and help winter hikers survive extreme weather. The dwellings he now helps build are permanent: Habitat for ...

Marcus Larson/News-Register##Jane Petersen and Marlene Thomas discuss how to change the length of a piece of fabric as they finish a quilt top. They and other volunteers gather on Fridays to make Quilts for Cops.

Stopping By: Piece officers

YAMHILL — Bobbie Abernathy-Bebereia’s husband, Gregg, made it home safely every night during his years serving as a sheriff’s deputy. But not every law enforcement officer, firefighter ...

Marcus Larson/News-Register##Carol Hansen, Shawn McRae and daughter Savanah sort items for the Presbyterian Church’s annual rummage sale. Volunteers spend Mondays, all year, sorting and cleaning donations in preparation for the early March event.

Stopping By: Let's get ready to rummage!

On weekdays, at least, McMinnville’s Presbyterian Church is typically calm and quiet. Maybe there’s someone looking at the art in the Narthex Gallery, where Dorothea Kim’s weavings are ...

Marcus Larson/News-Register##Dennis Esplin, a longtime volunteer for The Soup Kitchen at St. Barnabas, prepares the dessert table with assorted pies and the day’s special, chocolate cake with caramel.

Stopping By: Faith leads to volunteering

Dennis Esplin is one of those people on whom others can always count. He shows up when he’s supposed to. He’s on time and ready to work, even at volunteer jobs. He does what needs doing. Esplin, ...

Marcus Larson/News-Register##Good Citizen winner Daniel Mather is a top student at Amity High School. He plans to combine interests in history, math and science in his senior project, building a 4-foot-long working model of a Roman aqueduct out of Legos.

Stopping By: Teen strives to be a good citizen

Amity senior Daniel Mather’s efforts to help others recognized by local DAR chapter

Marcus Larson/News-Register##Stan and Virginia de Stwolinski look over their album of wedding photos.

Stopping By: Enduring love

When he entered college, freshman Stan de Stwolinski knuckled down to his studies for three weeks. Then he met a girl, and studying moved to second place in his life. They smiled at each other from their ...

Marcus Larson/News-Register##Dorothee Kim works at her Navajo loom, a simple frame that holds the warp; she moves the weft strings over and under with her fingers.

Stopping By: Creating with fingers and string

Dorothee Kim uses her fingers and strings to create, whether it’s music or textiles. Kim is a professional violinist. She played with the Linfield Chamber Orchestra for 20 years after moving to ...

Rockne Roll/News-Register##Cody Kopp at Gallery Theater, where he has appeared in a number of plays, including “White Christmas,” “Enchanted April,” 
and “The Producers.” In addition to acting, Kopp operates McMinnville Catering Company out of the Crescent Cafe’s kitchen.

Stopping By: Center stage and behind the scenes

Cody Kopp participated in musical theater back when he was in high school in Eagan, Minnesota. He enjoyed working with his classmates, playing a character and, especially, singing — he knew he had ...

Marcus Larson/News-Register##Ralph Juda depended on cloth and cord when he was a paratrooper in World War II. Now the retiree works with a more solid substance, wood, in the shop at his home in McMinnville.

Stopping By: Down to earth

Ralph Juda once trusted his life to cloth and cord. Now he takes pleasure in a more solid substance — wood. Juda, a McMinnville resident since 1991, often loses track of time when he’s in ...

Marcus Larson/New-Register##
Frank Maynard looks through a book by one of his favorite authors — cowboy poet Baxter Black — in a room featuring furniture Maynard built himself.

Stopping By: Nicer than he claims to be

No one would want to pick a fight with Frank Maynard. He grew up on a farm on Three Mile Lane, where, he said, “Dad used me as a forklift.” And the work developed his muscles. He further ...

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