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Can Stock photo##Gladstone s Library in Wales offers lodging for visiting book lovers. It was founded in 1894 by four-time British Prime Minister William Ewart Gladstone, who was eager to share his personal library. The library houses 250,000 printed items, including a renowned collection of theological, historical, cultural and political materials.

Tom Henderson: Quiet thoughts from a library in Wales

Ronald Reagan frequently referred to America as a shining city on a hill. He was wrong. At least he misinterpreted what Puritan leader John Winthrop meant in his 1630 sermon, “A Model of Christian ...

Jeb Bladine: SEC plea bargain back under wraps?

Confused by the latest Evergreen-related kerfuffle? Well, get in line. We have a stack of legal documents, along with access to multiple sources and numerous notes, but we don’t have the first clue ...

Jeremy Shapiro: Science deniers fail to appreciate complexities

Currently, there are three important issues on which consensus has been reached in the scientific community, but not in the community at large: climate change, biological evolution and childhood vaccination. On all three, prominent members of the Trump administration, including the president, have lined up against the conclusions of research.


Brian Feucht: Artificial intelligence raises revolutionary issues

The phrase “artificial intelligence” elicits one of three responses from most humans: excitement, fear or confusion. If you are already familiar with topic, you’re likely feeling all ...

Jeb Bladine: Don’t get caught in debt collection wringer

I’m picking up on today’s commentary — this page — by ACLU Human Rights Researcher Jennifer Turner. You might want to read that article first, then return here.Turner broadly digests ...

Jennifer Turner: Debt collectors hijacking justice system

Denise Zencka, a mother of three in Indiana, had to file for bankruptcy because she couldn’t afford to repay medical bills incurred for treatment of thyroid cancer. And because she was unable to work, she had to stay with her parents in Florida while she recovered.


Jeb Bladine: Stretching credulity a dangerous affair

When something is hard to believe, you might say it “strains credulity.” Actually, since credulity implies gullibility, something that strains credulity is so flawed that even a gullible person ...

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Kevin Chambers: A decentralized future

Cryptocurriences a trending topic, but it’s the blockchain technology that has staying power

Jeb Bladine: Honoring service; remembering JCs

Our Tuesday N-R profile of Debbie Harmon Ferry initiated something different — publication of features about Distinguished Service Award winners prior to the event. This year’s DSA Banquet ...

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Eric Schuck: Costs of reopening a plant

Positive effects from tariffs can be outweighed by negative hit to neighboring industries

Jeb Bladine: Bag charge seems like gentle reminder

An editorial today urges the city of McMinnville to stand firm with the 5-cent charge on paper bags at retail locations. It’s a “ho-hum” issue for some people, but others maintain it’s ...

Rachel Goodman: Facebook targeting threatens civil liberties

It’s heartening to see, in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica revelations, growing skepticism about how Facebook handles data and data privacy. But we should take this opportunity to ask the bigger, ...

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Jim LeTourneux: Oregon could sustain twice today’s timber cut

Chances are most of you know little about today’s timber industry, beyond impressions left from viewing loaded log trucks headed through town or finished lumber delivered to lumber yards or construction ...

Jeb Bladine: Sharing a passion for museum mission

In August 2016, when Steve Down agreed to donate $10.68 million to the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum, the museum promised to “appropriately acknowledge contributions of The Falls at McMinnville ...

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