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Marcus Larson/News-Register##
Ginny and Randy David in front of their collection of Imperial Iron Cross glassware. They have many collections of their own, and sell vintage items to others under the name G&R Antiques.

Stopping By: Finders, keepers

Just as Alice climbs through the looking glass into a fantastical world, Ginny and Randy David find enchantment by looking through glass of all sorts, from stamped-out dishes given away in the 1930s to ...

Rockne Roll/News-Register##Jessica Whiting, here with Annabelle the donkey, has loved animals since childhood and has taken in a variety of species on her farm near Carlton. She says being with them is like therapy.

Stopping By: A calling for caring

Since her aunt Greta and great-aunt Lillian were nurses, it was inevitable, perhaps, that people asked young Jessica Whiting if she planned to enter nursing. She didn’t. She considered nurses “strong ...

Rockne Roll/News-Register##Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum Curator Terry Juran, left, and volunteers Allen Herkamp and Kirk McFarland pore over photo albums that belonged to Arlene Johnsen, a flight attendant killed in the explosion of TWA Flight 800 in 1996.

THE STUFF OF HISTORY: The curator: Creating exhibits that educate and enthrall

When Curator Terry Juran looks across the floor of the Evergreen Aviation Museum, he sees much more than a collection of aircraft. He sees a collection of stories. Stories of the development of flight, ...

Rockne Roll/News-Register##Evergreen Aviation Museum Collection Manager Mickey Anderson pulls U.S. Air Force Gen. Merrill McPeak’s mess dress uniform from a protective bag. The museum plans a McPeak exhibit.

THE STUFF OF HISTORY: The acquisitions department: Volunteers archive tens of thousands of objects; many more await

To find uniforms and photographs and documents to flesh out Evergreen Museum’s exhibits, curator Terry Juran doesn’t have to look far. Thousands of those items are already carefully documented ...

Rockne Roll/News-Register##
Debra McNulty finishes one of her dog drawings during a break at McMinnville Toyota. McNulty, the dealership’s general manager, creates her lifelike art whenever and wherever she has time.

Stopping By: Artist draws on her love of animals

George, a bearded dragon, accompanied his owners to Mac Toyota when they went down to pick up their new car. General Manager Debra McNulty noticed the colorful lizard. “I just had to take a photo ...

Rockne Roll/News-Register##As Alex Penfold, left, steadies Jo Jo, Owen Amerson of Yamhill listens to the dog’s heart and lungs. Owen, who grew up on a farm, plans to become a veterinarian, a choice the week at Oregon State University confirmed.

Stopping By: Vetting a career path

McMinnville High School junior Jordan Montario had up-close exposure to a possible career last week at an Oregon State University program in veterinary science. “I want to experience everything,” ...

Rockne Roll/News-Register##Tiffany Henness takes her morning run on the linear trail in her West McMinnville neighborhood. She used to run in the evenings, she said, but morning workouts fit better with her busy lifestyle.

Stopping By: Running for life

Running changed Tiffany Henness for the better. As it happens, her new passion put her in the position to better someone else’s life, too. And Henness said, “My faith says it’s not luck, ...

Marcus Larson/News-Register##Al Arguedas, in front of his McMinnville home, has lived in the United States since 1964 and McMinnville since 1979. “I love this country,” he says. “It’s an honor to be here.”

Stopping By: Proud to be American

Al Arguedas loves the homeland he chose for himself. His choice was influenced by a remark in President John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s inaugural address of January 1961: “Ask not what your country ...

Marcus Larson/News-Register##David Howard plays a hymn at First Presbyterian Church in McMinnville. He’s retiring this month after 28 years as the church’s organist. “My playing is worship,” he says.

Stopping By: Playing for God

Organist David Howard slipped on special shoes — snug leather uppers with heels and soles that slide easily across the pedals — before he sat down at the keyboard in the McMinnville ...

Rockne Roll/News-Register##Gary May, top left, offers treats to George, Leonie and Gracie as his wife, Susan, looks on at their home in McMinnville. The three mastiffs are the Mays’ personal pets.

Stopping By: Big dogs, big hearts

Susan and Gary May have helped more than 240 English mastiffs in the decade they've been running a rescue and adoption program for the breed. They remember each of the massive dogs as an individual. There's ...

Rockne Roll/News-Register##Jerry Perry, right, and other American Legion Riders prepare for a group ride to Dayton at American Legion Post 21 in McMinnville. They went to support Rider Jim Connolly, who was playing with Second Winds in the Dayton park.

Stopping By: Help on wheels

The desire to help veterans brings them together. The thrill of the open road binds them. The roar of a dozen or two powerful motorcycles carrying American flags? That gets them noticed. Stopping ...

Marcus Larson/News-Register##Square dance caller Leonard Snodgrass calls out each move during the Braids & Braves dance. Snodgrass said he has to plan the calls so couples end up together.

Stopping By: Beyond the call

Braids & Braves square dancers wouldn’t do-si-do without Leonard Snodgrass, the “caller” who tells them when to step forward or back, turn right or left, or spin their partners. “For ...

Marcus Larson/News-Register##Nate and Jennie Ramer partner at a Braids & Braves dance. Four couples form a square that moves according to directions from the caller.

Stopping By: Hip to be square

The music might be “All About That Bass” or a Macklemore song, but the dance moves will still include sashays, pass-throughs and allemande lefts and rights, with a few do-si-dos sprinkled in. ...

Marcus Larson/News-Register##Rhonda Robins poses with the friendly scarecrow she made to resemble her dad, Milt Robins, who loved to garden. His overalls, shirt and glasses adorn the scarecrow.

Stopping By: One of a kin

A very special scarecrow greets visitors to Rhonda Robins’ McMinnville garden. Tall and smiling, the scarecrow resembles her late father, Milt, who joined her mother, Ruth, in starting the garden. ...

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