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Who should be the next president of the United States?

 A case made for Hillary Clinton by N-R managing editor Steve Bagwell, and an endorsement for Donald Trump by local businessman Devon Cuttrell.

Jeb Bladine: A local campaign in Trump-like style

For the record, I’m not a registered Republican, and not a member of the News-Register editorial board that endorsed Ron Noble for the Legislature. Further, if Noble and the Republican Party were ...

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Mary Starrett: EPA ruling should be ditched

Pending Waters of the United States law would cause delays and increased expenses 

Jeb Bladine: Time to finish what Obamacare started

There’s a sense of desperation — even a dangerous threat of revolution — in the air swirling around Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Meanwhile, both Trump and Hillary Clinton ...

Jeb Bladine: Paying the piper for health insurance

In nearly three years since the January 2014 launch of Obamacare, so many chickens have come home to roost that they probably would qualify for a group health insurance plan. In a February 2013 commentary ...

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Ossie Bladine: Will a third party emerge?

With many clamoring for a break in the two-party system, libertarians hoping to be legitimate

Jeb Bladine: Election without bumper stickers

How strange is this year’s presidential election? Let me count the ways. It’s no secret that candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have the highest combined unfavorability ratings of ...

Omig Johnson: Musings of a gym devotee

In writing this Viewpoints I feel compelled to note that for most of my life I couldn’t even spell gym. I didn’t know a gluteus from an ab. In fact, I always assumed a gluteus had something ...

Karl Klooster: Staying on the same page

Active newspaper readership leads to concerned, aware participation on hometown issues

Jeb Bladine: Like giving drugs to Oregon addicts

In February we asked: “How long will Oregonians allow the excessive cost of PERS to drive our ship of state?” It’s time to change that rhetorical question to something slightly more impudent: ...

Submitted photos##Examples of the diverse examples of traded sector jobs in and around McMinnville.

Lacey Dykgraaf: Unsung economic heroes

Manufacturing’s multi-purpose roles are essential to the area’s economic well-being

Jeb Bladine: High-tech tips, free wi-fi tablet

If you don’t use a computer or cell phone, this column is not for you. If those are tools of your daily life, I assume that you, like me, have a few gaps in your knowledge of device operations. There ...

News-Register file photo##Rob Schulman plays a djembe, a type of goblet-shaped drum originating in West Africa.

Joan Paddock: Starting with a rhythm

People may know me as a professor of music at Linfield College, as conductor of the college band or as a trumpet player at churches and concerts in the community. A newer, somewhat related, interest of ...

Jeb Bladine: Consider who gets Measure 97 billions

An attorney from Portland and a citizen-politician from Klamath Falls win this week’s nod for thought-provoking commentary about state financial management and the call for an unprecedented tax increase. James ...

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