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Submitted photos##Men stand and wait in a field serving line during a day’s work in the Civilian Conservation Corps near Carlinville, Ill. The CCC provided unemployed young men with $30 per month with food, shelter, and medical care during the Depression.

Tom Emery: CCC helped millions

June 30 marks 75 years since the end of the Civilian Conservation Corps, an organization that also fought fires, improved timber, irrigation, wildlife protection in Oregon

Jeb Bladine: Time to move the sidewalk bedroom

McMinnville is experiencing some fallout from political correctness. Uncomfortable with offensive labels, we have created a homogeneous concept known as “The Homeless.” Compassion for human ...

Jeb Bladine: Americans in dark on health care law

Our national attention suffers from a scattershot effect that features one high-profile news cycle after another. We leap from travel ban appeals to climate change treaties; from Russian hacking to deadly ...

Submitted photo

Paul Burns: Riverbend’s story takes more than 140 characters

A provocative tweet can travel around the globe in seconds or land on the front page in minutes. But for the important civic issues confronting our local community, the conversations rarely fit in 140 ...

Jeb Bladine: Former FBI chief takes center stage

I’m all in with this week’s testimony by former FBI Director James Comey. It’s 7 a.m. Thursday; Comey just started his Senate testimony; and my column deadline is in two hours. The stage ...

Hofmeester / Can Stock Photo

Beth Dell: McMinnville bags it better

They have been called “plastic tumbleweeds.” (New York Times, Feb, 2017) They blow along our highways, snag on wild berry canes, contaminate our hay bales, float up to our stunning Oregon beaches, ...

Jeb Bladine: Beware risks of muscle memory

Drivers in downtown McMinnville need to leave their muscle memory behind and pay close attention to new traffic patterns and controls. Citywide transportation bond projects became reality this week with ...

Rich Lowry: Don’t fear the robots

We have seen the enemy, and it is the robot. A wave of fear over automation is driving dire predictions about robots rendering swaths of Americans unemployable and has created a vogue for outlandishly ...

Others Say: Lawmakers must focus on stabilizing state’s future

Lawmakers must focus on stabilizing state’s future On the surface, it appeared the recent revenue forecast of an additional $187 million to flow into Oregon’s coffers was good news. But the ...

Jeb Bladine: Slave cabins convey sense of our history

We winced in early May when President Donald Trump declared achieving Middle East peace is “not as difficult as people have thought over the years.” Days later, we shuddered when the president ...

herminutomo / Can Stock Photo

Lata Nott: Why social media keeps failing us

Attempts to improve modern online communication may be wrapped in false hope

News-Register file photo##May 7, 1955. But mom, She’s so little — Just nine days old on Mother’s Day will be Marsha Jean Colvin, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C.E. Colvin. Older daughter, Carolyn, 10, and son, Mike, 6, look with wonder at their tiny baby sister held by Mrs. Colvin. Mother’s Day will have special importance this year in the Colvin family.

Jeb Bladine: Memories emerge from vintage photos

Margaret Carriker Assmussen told me we must continue printing the weekly Vintage News-Register photos, saying she regularly mails them to a family member who enjoys the nostalgia triggered by images from ...

Others say: NEW DHS boss faces a tough task

Is there a tougher, more frustrating job in all of Oregon state government than serving as the head of the Department of Human Services? If so, we’re not sure we want to hear about it, considering ...

joloei / Can Stock Photo

Alene Jacobs: Glimmers of hope

Drug courts make significant difference in community battles with drug addiction

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