At the market, resistance is futile

Next thing you know, you’re broke and have enough vegetables to feed a small army


Berries kick off preserving season

Sometimes it's nice when those jars keep for more than one year

How to boil water (really)

And some other ways to survive a disaster

April's former scarcity inspires kitchen frugality

For those trying to live out of the backyard garden, it can still be a challenging time


Leafy living

Chard, kale, cabbage appear in abundance

Soup, sauce better with butters

Seed and nut butters add richness to recipes


Greens & Beans: When life gives you a jar of preserved lemons (or limes)

Inspiration for how to use them is sure to strike any day now

Appealing peelings for tea

Once I got the notion of adding spices and dried fruits to my concoctions, they gained more flavor

February foods warm the heart

Apples, greens, preserves are welcome additions to midwinter meals 

Think globally, cook locally

The question for many of us will be how to respond to this complex set of issues in our own kitchens

Sweet memories

Savoring the flavors of childhood

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