Developers, newspaper join an exploding mobile industry

There will be more mobile devices on Earth than people by the end of 2013

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Selected editorials from other Oregon newspapers

Appointing surveyor a small but welcome step

Yamhill County should add itself to the state’s home rule ranks

Let sheriffs be sheriffs, not health insurance operators

County jails must spend large chunks of annual budgets on medical services because insurance is stripped from inmates

FEMA exercise will spotlight importance of disaster plans

The irony of Yamhill County’s emergency services preparation is that we hope it turns out to be a big waste of money

Others Say 2/1/13

Selected editorials from other Oregon newspapers

Senate filibuster policies freeze public's business

It's hobbled by holds, frustrated by filibusters and paralyzed by partisanship

Others Say - 1/25/13

Selected editorials from other Oreogn newspapers

Moves by local hospital resist a disturbing trend

The CEO of McMinnville's Willamette Valley Medical Center is worried about the long-term solvency of hospitals in this country

Tough call, but there's reason for school's dissection class

 The American public school system has been prone to infighting over sensitive subjects virtually since its founding

Changes at Yamhill County make 2013 time of transition

Three newly-elected officials were sworn in last week, creating different dynamics

Others Say - 1/18

Selected editorials from other Oregon newspapers

Governor prescribes a healthy dose of reality

State of the State message was based on an enduring truism — nothing comes free in life.

Population mark puts spotlight on a history of steady growth

Last year, Yamhill County became the 10th county in Oregon to top the 100,000 mark

State agenda must begin with lasting PERS reform

We will see who stokes the PERS reform train's firebox and who straps themselves to the track to slow that engine down

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