Others Say 5/31

Selected editorials from other Oregon newspapers

Downtown debate shows fragile nature of EID plan

Many Oregon communities struggle to approve economic improvement districts that assess property owners or businesses for downtown development projects

Shocking video should trigger more disclosure

The much-viewed video that shocked so many depicts what seems a clear case of excessive force by law enforcement officers.

It's time to talk turkey about long-term Mac school needs

The McMinnville School District began laying groundwork last year for a new construction bond.

Others Say May 24, 2013

Selected editorials from other Oregon newspapers

New agritourism discussion deserves full public hearing

Today, people want to sense a connection to their farm-grown products

Bill would trample on public's right to know

HB3513 subject to broad and imaginative interpretation

City due another review of what's best for future

We trust them to apply diligence and focus on what’s best for the local economy and community livability

DSA celebrates community and traditions of McMinnville

Some of the same families and firms keep coming to the fore in Distinguished Service Awards

Elect Carter, Roberts in contested school races

 It’s heartening to see solid fields emerge for two of the three McMinnville seats up this year

Others Say 5/3

Selected editorial from another Oregon newspaper

Communities should prepare for a 'game changer' bypass

Leaders in Dundee and Newberg are developing new visions for their downtowns

Others Say 4/26

Selected editorial from another Oregon newspaper

Tax plan scuttled; time for state leaders to talk

Oregon House Speaker Tina Kotek brushed aside the PERS reform plan proposed by a governor from her own party

Tourism, industry marching in tandem for local economy

It takes a marriage of tourism and industry to keep the economy humming hereabouts

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