Others Say 4/26

Selected editorial from another Oregon newspaper

Tax plan scuttled; time for state leaders to talk

Oregon House Speaker Tina Kotek brushed aside the PERS reform plan proposed by a governor from her own party

Tourism, industry marching in tandem for local economy

It takes a marriage of tourism and industry to keep the economy humming hereabouts

Annual day to celebrate the planet we all inhabit

Earth Day is celebrated around the world by many millions

Shutterstock.comBlooming canola fields are common in Canada, Australia and Europe, but not in the United States.

Others Say -4/19 Opinions differ on GMO canola

Selected 'Pro' and 'Con"editorials from other Oregon newspapers

Better housing times return with designs from past years

Developer Alan Ruden’s visionary Return to the Past development includes a walkable neighborhood

Others Say 4/12

Selected editorials from other Oregon newspapers

Concerns understood; but now it's time to GROW

Things are rarely as simple as they seem on the surface, and they certainly aren’t for MEDP

Coastal Parkway plan stalls; time for re-focus on bypass

Newberg-Dundee ypass supporters worry the plan would keep ODOT from completing Phases II and III

Continuing the vision of Granary, Public Market

 While waiting to learn where the Public Market relocates, we wish success to both the market and this section of town

Open letter to the governor on inadequate PERS reform

We can’t accept is the $455 million half-measure your party is trying to shove through the Legislature

Others Say - 4/5

Selected editorials from other Oregon newspapers

Keep momentum going with plan for Yamheles Westsider

We encourage support for a state-supported bikeway through wine country

Others Say 3/29

Selected editorials from other Oregon newspapers

Erickson/Evergreen a meeting of like minds

It's almost a match made in heaven

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