TSA gives us back our 'man tradition'

After April 25, I once again will walk onto an airplane with my trusty knife where it belongs: in my pocket.

Sal Peralta - Don't circle PERS wagons

Pension reforms needed as first step in state's turnaround

Good week to think about the wrestlers

As the Olympics Committee votes to eliminate wrestling in the Games, two MHS wrestlers won state championships, a first for McMinnville

It’s ‘Affordable,’ so it must be good

Businesses with 50 to 60 employees are making plans to eliminate company health insurance, eliminate jobs or both

Henry  Milt  ReevesNews-Register illustration

Jeb Bladine - Sharp, but not barbed

Letter writer shared passionate opinions without baiting the people who held different views

Book plan in motion with Kristof's hiatus

Nick and his wife won a Pulitzer Prize and now, they tackle their fourth book project

Brian Steffel - Some are unworthy of PERS pensions

Conviction of a crime in connection with employment warrants forfeiture 


Janet Iversen - Part of a personal tune-up

Many of us were never taught interpersonal skills such as how to make a complete apology


Cindy Stolp - Toward healthier relationships

Henderson House offers tips to prevent teen-dating violence, raises awareness of its prevalence

No more napping in postal rule sessions

Our conversion to mail delivery has me scrutinizing U.S. Postal Service regulation books

GOP has opening to regain strength

Many GOP members embrace a political philosophy that we call “Independent Republican,” drawn from both major party platforms

Pro and Con: 'Does the United States need more gun regulation?'

Robert Mason and Henry Evers - Pro and Con on the question:  'Does the United States need more gun regulation?'

Gun control vexes still-young America

Should assumed commands of an almighty God be invoked to bolster public policy debates?

Marcus Larson/News-RegisterStephanie Arciga of McMinnville did the footwork for scholarships that will allow her to earn a degree from Linfield College and pursue a nursing career.

Dan Preston - Searching for scholarships

Linfield College enrollment manager shares tips for finding scholarships to pay for college education


Ossie Bladine - One resolution at a time

Following three simple suggestions, New Year’s resolutions can become lifelong habits with benefits transcending the person who makes them

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