Perfect place for a Lincoln exhibit

Almost exactly 150 years ago, the U.S. Senate approved the 13th Amendment to the Constitution

Nick Smith - O&C counties need a hand-up, not a handout

Forest management advocate reacts to a recent News-Register editorial

Debbie Lockwood submitted photoIn “Honk!” a television news team interviews Momma Duck after the Ugly Duckling goes missing. The barn scene in the background was created by Adam Trickey and Rolan Cranford. Pianist and Brynn Hurdus, wearing a bright visor, is visible at far left.

Carolyn McCloskey - Theater depends on community

Many local people team up, on stage and behind the scenes, to bring productions to life

Derek Jones - Starting a conversation

People who are homeless feel pain, express truths, demonstrate kindness

Look nearby for our cosmic address

Births and deaths; graduations and marriages; honors and awards; and many other contributions and activities keep us connected

People accountable for online 'reviews'

Oregon law is so far behind the times that it ignores the Internet

Patrick Evans, a proud native Oregonian and McMinnville resident, has worked as an executive in the health care and telecommunication industries.

Patrick Evans - We're suffering from 50 years of collective loss

Consider education, equality, American values, finances, health care, war and selfishness

Rob Schulman - Mental health care that works

Tragedies are averted when people receive the help they need

Ukraine home gives unique perspective

The father of NY Times columnist Nicholas Kristof of Gaston grew up in Ukraine

Booker T. Washington, above, wrote “Up from Slavery” and believed that industrial education was the key to African-American progress.

Nicholas Buccola - Booker T. and W.E.B.

Prominent men at the turn of 19th century engage in the great higher ed debate still waged today between vocational education and liberal arts advocates

Good to engage owners along trail

Yamhelas Westsider Trail is proposed to run between McMinnville and Gaston

Mac on a roll

The city's 2014 goals and objectives include noteworthy new projects

Saving yourself from e-mail embarrassment

Someone out there will thank me for writing this column

Theresa Crain submitted photoIn McMinnville’s Lower City Park in 2010, children attending a free watershed stewardship program presented by McMinnville Library are checking Cozine Creek for aquatic life with leader Laura McMasters.

Laura McMasters - Just add nature

Children need unstructured time outdoors to become well-developed, self-reliant adults

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