Psychologists say “Apptivity Seat” with iPad, designed for infants, is a terrible idea.

Jennifer Linder - Unplugging tiny brains

Many reasons are given for why parents have their babies view TV and DVDs

Rep. Bruce Hanna

Bruce Hanna - Add hydropower to Oregon's renewable energy portfolio

 Renewable Portfolio Standard excluded almost all the state’s hydroelectric power

Government conflict produces frustration

Too often, these battles are not about what’s right and what’s wrong

Submitted photo2009 Green Team members Nikia Mooney, left, and Maryssa Myers recycle paper in a classroom.

Sarah Norwood - Kids show their passion for recycling

Green Teams tap into Willamina fifth-graders’ energy, ardor for sustainability

Consider possibility of Riverbend closure

The plan requires Riverbend to develop a green technology solution within seven years

Submitted photos by Dave King
Riding with hands in the air builds confidence, teamwork and balance.

Mona Loner - Horse power for healing

Equine reactions to human actions clearly teach us about our own emotions

Peggy Lutz - Memory units need to raise qualifications when hiring caregivers

Poorly trained, underpaid workers lower the standard of care, put patients at risk

Memory care story is aging of America

The underlying population projections for elderly Americans have been clear and foreboding for many years

Marcus Larson/News-Register
At September’s preparedness fair, Wayne Workman of Portable Solar City shows Jennifer Fisher solar panels she could use to charge her cellphone or laptop.

Doug Cummins - When the 9.0 awakens us ...

Trained CERT team will be ready to help — the more responders available, the better

Colorado expands on drug experiment

Many people believe Oregon will not be far behind

Marcus Larson/News-Register
Viewpoints coordinator Marna Porath searches for letters to the editor.

Marna Porath - The case of the missing letters

Letters to the editor have more power to open others’ minds than social media posts

Submitted photos Due to erosion concerns, a landowner installed a riparian forest along the Yamhill River in spring 2000.

Marie Vicksta - Cooling down streams

Too much warmth leaves fish, vegetation, wildlife, even humans ‘up a creek’

The 'grand bargain' might be grand scam

We don’t need to vilify the politicians controlling our state’s financial future, or the public employee unions that set the ruling party’s fiscal agenda

'Worry is what kills more people'

Spencer Wriggelsworth is 86 years old, and he already has experienced his share of hard knocks

Sal Peralta - Third party emerges

Rise of the non-ideological Independent Party in Oregon stems from voter dissatisfaction

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