Liquor privatization seems a solution in search of problem

Oregon's retail liquor business is likely jeopardized by an upcoming initiative vote

Dementia care poses challenge for all of us

The license revocation threat facing McMinnville’s Emeritus at Osprey Court raises some devilishly difficult issues

Many 'usual suspects' make N-R's Top 10 list

One predictable subject for a Top 10 spot is the unpredictability of the weather

County's drone effort receives a welcome boost from FAA

The Federal Aviation Administration awarded one of its six national drone-testing contracts to a consortium led by the University of Alaska

Win on prison bill offsets some sting from PERS defeat

Gov. Kitzhaber succeeded in holding Oregon’s prison population at 14,300 for the next five years, saving $326 million

Election guarantees us two new commissioners

Yamhill County commissioner election will be historic, warranting early attention

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New relief nursery program teaches families 'how to fish'

The nonprofit joins a network of relief nurseries in the state that strengthens high-risk families while reducing child abuse and neglect

Heidt arbitration appeal ill-advised and unworthy

We cannot understandy why the McMinnville police union decided to appeal Tim Heidt’s dismissal from the force

Oregon moves forward with new marijuana law

The bill does not attempt to find solutions to the weak oversight of who gets a card

Good time to acknowledge a few downtown blemishes

It’s good to step back and look through the eyes of someone seeing the area for the first time

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Marcus Larson/News-RegisterLily Murray enjoys watching kitten play with dangling wine corks in the Willamette Valley Wines window last weekend. Homeward Bound Pets displayed adoptable pets during Turkey Rajma.

Turkey Rama's transitions move into rear view mirror

Stronger working partnerships continue to improve McMinnville’s hometown celebration

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Let's have another go at 'grand bargain' on PERS

Oregon’s 2013 regular session is going to be widely viewed as an abject failure, and appropriately so

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