An ode to what's right in today's America

Really, it's not that bad, folks. 

Others Say 7/5/13

Selected editorials from other Oregon newspapers

Wallace Bridge project needs support from political leaders

Oregon’s top political leaders need to climb aboard in strong support of the vision for a world-class equestrian resort.

Justice served at MPD; now it's time to move on

Admiration for McMinnville police officers was jarred this year bythe story about an officer’s violent, unprovoked, 2010 attack

Lamenting the loss of a daily home newspaper

The Oregonian, the state’s oldest and largest newspaper, rocked the journalism world last week

Anniversary of and use law good time for improvements

Despite the law's shortcomings, the numbers speak for themselves

Spate of drownings reminds Oregonians about water risks

 Flotation devices would have saved most of those who die in such accidents

Radio returning to Mac a story we can applaud

It seems like we have the makings of a long-term fit in Albany radio personality David Adams.

Others Say 6/14 ::1

Selected editorials from other Oregon newspapers

Here's to fixing 'fishhook' at south end of bypass project

One look at a map depicting the four-mile first phase of the Newberg-Dundee Bypass instantly reveals the problem.

Keep parking needs high on list of development decisions

Decades ago, McMinnville touted its city core as having the most off-street parking per capita in the nation

Public-private partners build win-win programs

A vocational revolution has been quietly sweeping valley high schools in recent years

Fiscal prudence all talk and no action

You have to factor in all your costs, including those not coming due until down the line, to develop a viable business plan

Others Say 5/31

Selected editorials from other Oregon newspapers

Downtown debate shows fragile nature of EID plan

Many Oregon communities struggle to approve economic improvement districts that assess property owners or businesses for downtown development projects

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